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A Raisin in the Sun Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

A Raisin in the Sun - Research Paper ExampleAmid these struggles, hope was the only reason wherefore the middle black class kept up with the struggle. When the Younger family in the play, A Raisin in the Sun, faced with numerous economic challenges receives insurance premiums of their father, it rekindles their hope of having a better life. However, the money comes as a blessing in disguise. Not only does it take the family through a rocky trial, it as well revealed of the cracks among the family members. With $10000, they envisioned a full transformation of their lifestyles. The money overwhelms then in such significant levels that they fall apart on how to use the fortune. Lena, their mother favors the idea of a home, opting to corrupt a house in a white neighborhood, while Beneatha hoped to receive money for her school. It was however Walters idea that pulled them back to their initial economic status, of hopelessness, after(prenominal) losing the rest of the money in a liquor business scum. This essay analyses Walter Lees character, a married universe full of determination, hard break down and highly ambitious, but at the same time, too stubborn and trusting that he cost the family its fortune. The author portrays Walter Lee as a passionate man bursting with energy, but equally desperate, bound by shackles of poverty (Hansberry and Langston 8). Having tasted the bitterness of poverty, Walter is highly determines save his family form the captivity of poverty. Working as a chauffeur, he holds on to their belief that one mean solar day, he would be in a position to transform the familys lifestyle. He envisioned taking them from a house, squeezed enough that it denied them relaxation and comfort. He even reveals his dreams and fantasies to the family as he announces, I have bigger dreams. I want to be more When I drive downtown I pass cool, fancy restaurants where boys younger than I am work million-dollar deals. As he dedicatedly ferried his boss in hi s errands, he felt much obliged to go by his duties, carrying on with his dreams and hopes. It was however his wife Ruth, who filled his thoughts. He could not understand why she could not wear pearls and have the luxuries that every other women in the United States had. Therefore, his dreams revolved around plans of giving her such life. The much efforts he puts however does not seem to bear fruits, as he ends up broke. The brusque salary he receives from his job cannot win the family the basic lifestyle. When news about Ruths pregnancy comes, he desperately starts looking for an opportunity to take it in life. His heavy efforts and lack of success makes him a bitter man. Totally, he is disgusted with his life, especially because he works for a rich white man. Consequently, this demeans him significantly, qualification him feel less than a man. He even openly shows his dissatisfaction with his job, saying that, I drive a man around and say yes, sir and no, sir all day long (Piec hocki 51). This is his high level of dissatisfaction. At his thirties, an age where men are in total control of their lives, he cannot provide for his family. It is his desire to succeed that pulls him to the edge, devising him prone to abuse and misuse. Struggling to find a way of providing for his family, he lands a deal with a number of his friends that appears not only lucrative, but also promising a liquor business that his family is totally against. A desperate person would buy any idea coming his way, so long as it shows some hopes of

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The relationship between job satisfaction and employee motivation Literature review

The relationship between job satis detailion and employee motive deep down an brass - Literature review ExampleMotivation Motivation is the force within the individual that influences or determines behaviour (Marquis and Huston, 2008 p422). This means that motivation is about the things that are within an individual that causes him to to do something or forces him to do thing. Motivation determines the reinforcement jimmy of the outcome (Kalat, 2010 p62). This means that motivation is what makes a psyche to get more value to a given activity. Motivation is what adds value and makes a given project or activity more consequential to a soul. It makes you want to do something at a given point in time ahead of another. The motivation process involves what incites, creates an interest and sustains that interest in a given action (Armstrong, 2009 p249). The grammatical constituent of motivation is about how people get interest in a given activity and causes the individual to remain focused on how to attain the end. ingrained Motivation intrinsical motivation is establish on interest (Haines et al, 2008 443). This is about the willingness of people to accept a given activity ahead of another based on what they feel within themselves. This makes intrinsic motivation a psychological matter rather than a tangible matter that can be snarl and quantified in the conventional sense. Intrinsic motivation comes from within a person (Kossowski, 2007). This means that intrinsic motivation is about the things that influences a person from inside. In the humankind resource management parlance, this involves the things that causes an individual to add more to organisational objectives based on his or her personal choice and inspirations. It is however incited by things around a person and can be varied on the basis of the things that goes on around a given person (Kossowski, 2007). The concept of intrinsic motivation is controlled by the fact that people behave to attain satisfaction as an inherent end in itself and not a means to an end (Wlodkowski, 2011). This means that intrinsic motivation causes a person to gain satisfaction from a given action rather than what s/he will get from the activity in question. Intrinsic motivation in the workplace is what causes a person to attain his job specification. And as a person attain the job specifications, s/he gets important satisfaction in itself. Extrinsic Motivation Extrinsic motivation on the other hand revolves around the external benefits and inspiration that a person exponent get from a given activity (Marquis and Huston, 2009). Extrinsic motivation is induced by the things that happens from the outside and has very little to do with the internal factors that causes a person to tilt towards a given act ahead of another. Extrinsic motivation comes from external factors and this includes rewards , money and grades that a person would attain for accomplishing a given confinement (Jelencic, 2009). T his means that extrinsic motivation has to do with what a person would be given for a given activity. Thus the individual complete the activity because of the prize. caper Satisfaction Job satisfaction has several facades and angles through which it could be examined and analysed. Locke defined job satisfaction as a pleasurable or positive steamy state resulting from the appraisal of ones job or job experience (1976 p271). Job satisfaction can be see as the joy and pleasure

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Beverly Daniel Tatums Why are all the Black Kids Sitting Together in Essay

Beverly Daniel Tatums Why are all the Black Kids Sitting Together in the Cafeteria - Essay ExampleThe paper under consideration presents the analysis of Beverly Daniel Tatums Why are all the Black Kids Sitting Together in the Cafeteria. The philia of the paper is to determine the nature of racism and show Tatums main point view on racial segregation and African-American isolation. Through the article, she attempts to cozy up how racism has developed in the African American population through constant analysis and comparison to other ethnic groups and why this phenomenon occurs. The rhetorical strategies utilize are not expressed effectively, as the majority of the assessments of modern black racism are speculatory and often based on personal judgment without qualified justification for opinion. IntroductionBeverly Daniel Tatums Why are all the Black Kids Sitting Together in the Cafeteria is an exploration of racism as it pertains to black youths and the image of racism as compar ed to the White dominant favorable norm. Tatum attempts to illustrate the phenomenon of why racially-similar groups, especially African Americans, tend to remain segregated in same-race groups without inter-mingling in the social environment. Through the article, she attempts to highlight how racism has developed in the African American population through constant analysis and comparison to other ethnic groups and why this phenomenon occurs. ... Tatum believes that her definition of racism is a system involving cultural messages and institutional policies and practices as well as the beliefs and actions of individuals (Tatum, 7). Here, Tatum attempts to create an appeal to pathos by further highlight her own credibility related to her own sociology knowledge, but it too is ineffective since the author does not explore the issue further using concrete education from reputable sociological or political science data sources. The author is, instead, creating a sentiency of bias in th e process, somewhat over-analyzing the actual realities of lifestyle with severally ethnic group. Rather, Tatum manages, it seems, to simply assume certain sociological characteristics about White groups or African-American groups and so does not manage to instill a sense of integrity or knowledge-based authority when making her argument about the phenomenon of group-oriented ethnic segregation and prejudice. Tatums ethos arguments, in an attempt to appeal to the readers emotions, also does not do a significant job of instilling sympathy for the plight of African-Americans in todays society. Tatum suggests that this segregation occurring is a product of White privilege and therefore receive preferential treatment in all elements of society. A reputable educator from the Philadelphia school district believes this also, offering that this is a hypocritical form of argumentation (Paslay, 3). Tatums attempt to instill compassion and condolence for the state of African-American isolat ion from the rest of society simply does not achieve its intended ethos results as it, again, illustrates that

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Social Media Marketing Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 words

kind Media Marketing - Assignment ExampleThe major favour associated with Social media marketing is that it presents the potential for reaching the customers that other traditional methods of advertising cannot be able to reach. Social media marketing applies technological tools such as the internet, social media platforms and roving phones to pass and circulate messages regarding a company, brands or products. In this respect, there is no limitation as to the number of people who can be reached by the message, as opposed to the traditional advertisement, where the print or mass media may be limited in accessibility to a certain category of the audience. The other advantage of Social media marketing is that it offers a far easier strategy of building brand loyalty, through allowing the engagement of the customers through every stage of the brand products, such that the final product is tailor-made for customer satisfaction, thus making the customer loyal to the brand. Social medi a marketing is also advantageous in that it offers the brand owners and companys opportunities to improve their products, by learning the customer needs from the feedbacks generated through social media. Nevertheless, the disadvantage associated with Social media marketing is that the effectiveness of social media marketing highly depends on the marketers talent and time commitment to developing the advertisement message, as opposed to traditional media which can reach the target audience eve without overburdening the marketer with time and talent commitments.

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What is Epistemology Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 words

What is Epistemology - Essay ExampleThe link of epistemology into ontology and the way epistemology shape social research in general.According to scientists, thither is a significant difference between too expressions I know that and I know how. For instance, it is well-known that 1+1=2, however, here we could think not only about the result, but about the process itself how there two numbers should be summed up. When we state that we know something, the question arises wherefore we believe that. When we believe in something we usually think that this something will not make us disappointed, for example we may believe in our national basketball team and its victory. However, epistemology considers belief from another point of view. For example, when we believe that the grass is green that means that we consider the narrative that the grass is green to be correct. Every statement is simply a preposition of someone else and it does not mean that everybody must believe it .At the sam e time, if something represents a real fact, it is true. The main controversy in this area is concentrated on study of the nature of friendship and its connection to related concepts information, conviction, and rationalization. It is connected with the method of knowledge acquisition and uncertainty about various statements.The different arguments of freethinking and empiricism and the controversy that occurs on the base on this difference is connected to different experience of the people in their attempts to obtain knowledge. According to rationalists, there are significant methods to obtain information autonomously of experience at the same time as empiricists consider experience to be very essential in knowledge acquisition (Fodor 1975).The vision of rationalists is usually built in the following way they state that sometimes our knowledge obtained through intuition is more reliable, than that obtained from experience. Then,

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Business Statistics Homework Speech or Presentation

Business Statistics Homework - Speech or Presentation ExampleWhat proportion of brook trout caught will be surrounded by 12 and 18 inches in length?8. The discrete random variable X is the number of students that show up for Professor Smiths office hours on Monday afternoons. The duck below shows the probability distribution for X. What is the expected value E(X) for this distribution?10. The time required for a citizen to slay the 2000 U.S. Census long form is normally distributed with a think about of 40 minutes and a amount deviation of 10 minutes. The slowest 10% of the citizens would need at least how many minutes to complete the form?11. On average, a major earthquake (Richter scale 6.0 or above) keeps 3 measure a decade in a certain calcium county. What is the probability that less than six months will pass before the next earthquake?17. On a Sunday in April, dog bite victims come to at Carver Memorial Hospital at a historical rate of 0.6 victims per day. On a given Su nday in April, what is the probability that simply two dog bite victims will arrive?19. If the mean time between unscheduled maintenance of LCD displays in a hospitals CT cream facility is 4,000 operating hours, what is the probability of unscheduled maintenance in the next 5,000 hours?21. In Melanies Styling Salon, the time to complete a simple haircut is normally distributed with a mean of 25 minutes and a standard deviation of 4 minutes. What percent of customers require less than 32 minutes for a simple haircut?22. A lifesize number of applicants for admission to graduate study in business are given an aptitude test. Scores are normally distributed with a mean of 460 and standard deviation of 80. What fraction of applicants would you expect to have scores of 600 or above?23. On average, a major earthquake (Richter scale 6.0 or above) occurs 3 times a decade in a certain California county. Find the probability that at least one major earthquake will occur within

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Sleep Disorders Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Sleep Disorders - Essay ExampleRhythmic brain activity clears in this stage known as sleep spindles, as menti geniusd by (Cherry, 2011). It is mentioned in (, n.d.) that deep and significantly slow brain activity characterizes stage 3 of tender-hearted sleep. Slow brain waves called delta waves are observed mixed with faster waves in this stage, while delta waves are exclusively produced in stage 4. Rapid eye social movement and fast breathing occurs in REM, where the rate of brain activity equals the rate observed when a person is awake. Parasomnia is a sleep disorder in which one has severe trouble in comfortably falling asleep. In this disorder, the patients experience nightmares or sleep locomote. Parasomnia can occur if one is aroused from non-REM sleep. (MedicineNet, 2011). Sleep walking most commonly occurs during stage 3 and 4, where there is slow brain activity and the patient has absolutely no idea of his/her body movement. There occur 4-5 sleep cycles t hroughout the night and sleep walking primarily occurs during the first or second sleep cycle. Since there is short sleeping time gnarled in nap, sleep walking does not occur during the day time. Therefore, sleep walking characteristically occurs at night time during stage 3 and 4. References Cherry, K. (2011). Stages of Sleep.