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Best Mom

Best momma es think Hello my pattern is Cassandra and I Will Be talking about my mom and wherefore she should release one of the best moms in San Diego. I believe that my mom has do virtually(prenominal) things to receive this kind of award and I recall that she is one of the superior moms. There argon many cerebrates that I say why she should become on of the best moms in SanDiego. Some of the reasons that she should become one of the greatest moms in San Diego are because she has proffered at my crop and she has sacrificed many things for me and my siblings and she is also a erect role model.These are wholly some traits if my mom and in the rest of this essay I will be elaborating on these 3 traits of my mother. My mom should be one of the greatest moms in San Diego because she did volunteer at our inform and economic aid out. My aim has a mandatary of 15 hours that the parents of a student have to volunteer at the school in a year. My mom has volunteered at the sc hool for not only 15 hours. She was done with her volunteer hours around the 3rd moth of school and tho she still volunteers even though it isnt mandatory after that.At a school program called Acess we do a lot of community go like helping g in beach clean up, doing volunteer at the Ronald MacDonald house and helping kids with autism. Over all we have done more that 20 community services within my years on that point and my mom has volunteered in almost all of them and helped manage the kids. That is one of the reasons that I believe that my mom should be one of the greatest moms in San Diego. The morsel reason that my mom should be nominated as one of the greatest is because she has taught me many lessons and many things that will help me in life.Some of the things that my mom has taught me are Responsibility, Organization, respect, Honor, and honesty. All these things are lessons that will help me in school position school, high school, college, and even after I get out of sc hool just in life. I believe that because I learned many things from my mother that she should be named one of the greatest moms in San Diego. Another reason that I think my mom should be named best mom would be because she is a great role model. My mother is a very good role model to me and my siblings.My mother is a person who puts all her drift to raising us good and she is a hard worker and that motivates us to do a good job and work hard in school and that is one reason I think my mom is a great mother. In conclusion I believe that my mom is a great mother and she should be named one of the greatest moms in San Diego. t as told above the reason I think this is because she volunteers at our school even after finishing the mandatory hours and she has taught me some of the important lesson that help me in the future and she is a great role model.

An Annotated Bibliography on Multi-cultural Education

Mary St wholeness Hanley, a teacher in the Teacher Certification Program of Antioch University in Seattle, explains and elaborates around of the issues concerning multicultural breeding and submits a brief history of the subject as well as a some suggestions for its approach in The eye socket of multicultural Education. She explains the ideals and goals of a multicultural approach to education and the viable offices of achieving them through citations of works from former(a) people and of course, from herself. The main targets of her name are the teachers concerned in dogma multicultural groups of students. Her term domiciliate in any case be workd to inform other people intimately the subject of multicultural education. She is still continuing further researches for the development of multicultural education.John Morefield. Recreating Schools For All Children. New Horizons for Learning.John Morefield conducted extensive researches for the availability of nigh(a) educ ation for all nipperren. When he became the principal of Hawthorne Elementary School in Seattle, Washington, he promised the community that entering kindergartners would graduate with skills at or higher up expected grade level competency. Thus his researches on what works in divers(a) communities. His targets are all concerned audiences with emphasis to fellow teachers. His article specifies twelve characteristics that he thinks are needed to have a made school. He explains that since it is widely accepted that American education has been biased and racist, it is in a flash time to move on and prepare a better future(a) of education for all the children of the world.Rey A. Gomez. Teaching with a Multicultural Perspective. ERIC centre.Gomez explains that to teach with a multicultural perspective will encourage understanding and appreciation of ones own culture, as well as others. He suggests that the use of this perspective in teaching could promote a sense of uniqueness and specialty to his own culture to the child and therefore making the child create a same sense of perspective when viewing others cultures.He also suggests that multicultural programs should not utterly concenter on only the others cultures to the extent that a sort is created within the class. In his article, Morefield also reminds the parents of the children attending multicultural schools of the myths that usually cart track to the stereotype behaviors of their children toward multiculturalism.Wilson, Keith. Multicultural Education. EdChange.Wilson is an associate professor at the Pennsylvania take University. In his article, he gives a definition of Multicultural Education, and gives examples of the pros and cons of Multicultural Education. He cites some views from other writers to complement their views. He also gives a few suggestions on as to how a multicultural education program whitethorn succeed.Burnett, Gary. Varieties of Multicultural Education An Introduction. ERIC b ear 98.Burnnet compares and contrast some of the programs that represent the received multicultural education typologies. He explains in his article some of the reliable programs that are currently being used to aid in multicultural education for the benefit of those who would like to create their own policies and or programs for the improvement of multicultural education. He cites some articles concerning debates to the highest degree the effectiveness of some of the programs to choke up his explanations.Milk, Robert-Mercado, Carmen-Sapiens, Alexandria. Rethinking the Education of Teachers of Language Minority Children Developing Reflective Teachers for ever-changing Schools. NCBE Focus.The articles main idea is how to make the teachers more phraseology minority students friendly. They wish to clarify and explain the roles of the teachers on the educational lives of the students. They cited some(prenominal) works of other people to further explain the immensity of the teach ers role in the political, demographic, and programmatic statuses of the schools that teach language minority students. They give suggestive guidelines for the teachers to help them in teaching language minority students.Attinasi, John. pedantic Achievement, Culture, and Literacy An Introduction. NCREL.He relates his own ideas and experiences to the audience to explain his, and others views about multicultural education. In this article, he introduces multiculturalism by relating it to his views of closure and processes and then states a few brief history of the evolution of multiculture. He then gives a few guidelines and information on how multiculturalism can imply changes on the way of teaching in a school with diversely cultured students.Gollnick, Donna M. Chinn, Philip C. Multicultural Education for Exceptional Children. ERIC corroborate E498.Gollmick and Chinn stress the importance of multicultural education on the growing population of the U.S. in their article. They also give importance to the purposes of multiculturalism in the education world. They also stress the importance of the teachers roles and their curriculums on the multicultural students. and then they give suggestion on as to how to create a non-biased and effective curriculum for teachers, or for schools, who handle multiculturally diverse classes. Their article is a good preview of how important is the need for improvement of multiculture education.Cohen, Cheryl. Teaching about heathen Diversity. ERIC birth No. 32.Cohen explains the importance of Ethnic Diversity as part of the curriculum to be used for students. He also gives stress to the effective procedures to be used in teaching Ethnic Diversity. Basically, it is an informative article that emphasizes the importance of Ethnic Diversity in a curriculum for students. Its main audiences are teachers and the vast American children of distinct ethnical backgrounds.Covert, Bob and Gorski, Paul. Defining Multicultural Education. EdC hangeGorski and Covert give hints as to what does Multicultural Education really mean. They show that there is almost no two classrooms that has the same definition for Multicultural Education. Then they give examples of aspects of multicultural education. They state the importance of the definition on the possible transformations it could cause to the society. They also stated a possible goal of multicultural education which is to carry on social change of the world.ReferencesAttinasi, J. (1994). Academic Achievement, Culture, and Literacy An Introduction. Retrieved rattling(a) 8, 2007 from the NCREL database. Website http//, G. (1995). Varieties of Multicultural Education An Introduction. ERIC Digest 98. ERIC Clearinghouse on Urban Education New York NY. Retrieved swaggering 8, 2007 from the ERIC digest database. ERIC memorandum Reproduction work No. ED372146. Website http// ural.htmChinn, P. and Gollnick, D. (1991). Multicultural Education for Exceptional Children. ERIC Digest E498. ERIC Clearinghouse on Urban Education New York NY. Retrieved grand 8, 2007 from the ERIC digest database. ERIC register Reproduction Service No. ED333620. Website http//, C. (1986). Teaching about Ethnic Diversity. ERIC Digest No. 32. ERIC Clearinghouse on Urban Education New York NY. Retrieved August 8, 2007 from the ERIC digest database. ERIC Document Reproduction Service No. ED273539. Website http//, B. and Gorski, P. Defining Multicultural Education. EdChange. Retrieved August 8, 2007, from EdChange database. Website http//, R. (1991). Teaching with a Multicultural Perspective. ERIC Digest. ERIC Clearinghouse on Elementary and primal Childhood Education Urbana IL. Retrieved August 8, 2007 from the ERIC digest database. ERI C Document Reproduction Service No. ED339548. Website http//, M. S. (n.d.). The Scope of Multicultural Education. New Horizons for Learning. Retrieved August 8, 2007, from New Horizons for Learning. Website http//, R. Mercado, C. Sapiens, A. (summer 1992). Number 6. NCBE FOCUS Occasional Papers in Bilingual Education. Retrieved August 8, 2007 from NCBA database. Website http//, J. (n.d.). Recreating Schools For All Children. New Horizons for Learning. Retrieved August 8, 2007, from New Horizons for Learning. Website http//,K. (n.d.). Multicultural Education. EdChange. Retrieved August 8, 2007, from EdChange database. Website http//

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The Personal Network Solutions Division of Sony

Sony, Manufactures, grocery stores and sells consumer and professional audio and image equipment, telecom growths, ready reckoner and peripheral products, recording media and energy products, semiconductors and other electronic components. ( is a very broad social club that operates in umteen different margin of products argonas. The focus of this assessment is c precedeed on the personal net last solutions member of Sony.Personal Network Solutions Co. (PNSC)Handycam and Digital Handycam CamcordersDigital Mavica and Cyber-shot camerasGlasstron audio/ boob tube eyew beOn delimit word picture service Image StationSMMemory Stickdigital media productsVAIO (Video Audio combine Operation) personal electronic computing devicesTrinitron computer displaysCLI handheld deviceSony operates in v argumentation units. The computer and digital media devices both f any under the equivalent unit at Sony.Sony does have the benefit of many business strengths. The nearly not adequate to(p) of which is its business name.Sony products have a reputation for creation in advance their magazine as far as the blows many of them have. umteen Sony products occupy a reward price for organism such a expert masterpiece. Sony has continued to use this premium price scale in its computer line as well. By doing so it prices itself out of the value or budget line that many consumers seek.Sony has a reputation for producing high token electronic devices and has also developed a loyal customer base. Sony is able to accident upon customers from an early age with its video game systems PS wholeness and PS 2. Sony could feed off of this and absorb these customers attracted for life.Sony products are always on the cutting edge of applied science. Sony has always pushed the envelope on design and cannot match if it hopes to re chief(prenominal) an electronic powerhouse. Sony hopes to expand its electronic market with the recent cornerstone of its CLIE PDA or personal digital assistant. Competitors of Sonys have henpecked this area and now it should be able to argue.As with most companies, where in that location is strength, in that location is also weakness. This is in spades true at Sony with its biggest weakness being its in major power to distrisolelye its high end products as quickly as the market is demanding them. This was very evident during this past Christmas when Sony released the before mentioned Playstation 2. Demand was so high for this product that it is just now getable in the stores as work and distribution has met up with demand. It did not garter that there was a defect in the first shipment of the machines to the US and many who had to have a bun in the oven in ample lines ended up with useless devices and had to wait until more(prenominal)(prenominal) arrived to have theirs replaced.Being on the cutting edge of the technology stadium reconciles opportunities always around the corner. However the work must be through with(p) to achieve it to the corner.Sony puts the needed resources into its research and development of all of its products. Without a doubt, Sony poses both(prenominal) of the most high spirit electronic devices in the world. Now it would same to do the same thing in the computer market. Sony first started producing consumer pcs in the mid 90s. Since then it has concentrated to begin with on the consumer pc and especially the smaller format or lap cabbage version of the pc. This represents a definite opportunity with which Sony could gain even more of the consumer electronic market.As with all companies there are many threats, which must be considered when conducting business. Some of these threats come from outside the company as nigh of them come from within.One such outside threat is that of the United States economy. Consumers are much less likely to plant major bargain fors, such as a new computer, during judgment of convictions of economic trouble . While control of the wide-cut economy is out of the hands of Sony, it can make rough changes to substantiate that economic trouble does not completely cause the company to close up d knowledge.Sony is also entering an area of electronic business that they are not as familiar with. All electronic products eventually become obsolete. The computer sales market is one electronic area that is very succession volatile. Newer, faster computers are always being released. Sony has for a long time operated in electronic business that has not been as technology and time sensitive.Current market conditions for Sony are not where it would like for them to be and are not at levels seen in past stratums. Much like other technology companies, Sony is in a transition period in which it is toilsome to find its permanent location in all markets. Sony has a main goal of staying ahead of the competition as all electronic devices enter the digital age.Current Conditions and AlternativesSonys t rustworthy market emphasis is ground on offering a consumer driven product line with some business products available in various markets. Sony has not been able to observe up with other computer specialized companies in the areas of business applications.I dont recommend any Sony products to business users since they dont have the infrastructure to match a Dell or a Toshiba or a Compaq, says Ken Dulaney, vice president mobile cipher at Gartner Group. Their products are more applicable for consumers they dont work with businesses.Sony may not be able to match the competing computer companies on the basis of size, however it is able to compete in terms of quality and technology. Many of the features available on a consumer pcs are not available on business pcs. Sony could unsay some of the more uncontaminating features that its pcs have and develop a line that would ruin suit a business application.There is no way to gain a full understanding of how the Internet and access to i t has changed the way computers are apply and designed. Computers today are much more advanced that those purchased and a few years ago. For those reasons, companies who had previously been involved in computer markets have had to change the way in which it manufactured machines.Sony has the benefit of being fairly new to the computer business and an understanding of the need to adjust to changing broadband technology. CEO Nobuyuki Idei stated, What we are and will be is a broadband entertainment company, in his 1999 vision of the company. Even though there have been some management changes the desire to stay on pilfer of broadband entertainment is quieten present at Sony. (, surprises, 1)Every chance he gets, the 62-year-old Idei spreads the word about Sonys future as an Internet company Everything from the venerable Walkman to the popular PlayStation game console will in short impute to the Web.(, Slump at Sony, 1)With new technology always around the corner, Sony must continue its current plan of being a broadband company. Sony has many new products in use today that take advantage of proficient advances that have previously been unseen. For Sony to remain a leading edge electronic company it must continue with current company plans.There are many come-at-able alternatives in which Sony can and should pursue. Many of the alternatives are time based and could not be made immediately. However, as Sony is well aware, to compete in an industry that is constantly changing, you, yourself have to be able to make changes as well.Sony could focus the majority of its attention to the cash cow it current has in the video and electronic market. This of course would be its Playstation 2 video game system. This system has already sold over 10 cardinal units and Sony currently expects to sell 20 million in the 01-02 fiscal year due to increase in the production speed of the system.Sony will soon be seeing a new competitor enter the mark et of its video game system. Microsoft will be releasing its own version of a video game system that has many critics panting. Many believe that the new system by Microsoft will be the biggest locate competition in the video game field for Sony since it has entered the field.There is a huge demand in the computer field for compatibility of products. Sony has made it possible for several of its computer products to use the same format of small dismissible memory. Better know as the Memory Stick, the chewing gum surface card has ability to store both music and video on a single card. Thus the card can be used in Sonys video camera line its VAIO line of personal pcs as well as the long time favorite, Walkman music device.It would also be possible for Sony to enter the business computer field of the market. Although there is definite competition in this market, Sony has the technology in its research and development department to make the business machines fly. The solitary(prenomin al) downfall to this idea is the fact that Sony products are so highly desire after for the neat features that its products posses. To remove features from its current line to make them affordable to the business field would be an image-changing move. Sony products demand a premium price that business customers cannot afford to pay for.Sony joined the major players in the computer business with the introduction of its VAIO Direct website where consumers can purchase computers directly from the company. Although not as fully customizable as other companies computers, Sony still allows the user to make some changes that defiantly affect the performance and hold up of the machine.Along with this Sony could expand its variety of computer uses to include specialised areas or markets. The company has already shown its ability to manufacture a top level swordplay system for the home. Why could it not take what it has larn from this development and manufacture a gaming specific line of computers that was slowly upgradeable as new computer technology becomes available?Along with the gaming pc, there are other areas that could benefit from specifically designed products. For a long time the Apple computer has been the choice for those interested in making movies on the computer. With Sonys ever increasing line of video cameras and accessories, it is only logical for it to create a movie specific line of pc. Computer design companies pay large prices for computers that are capable of caterpillar track memory intensive design software. Sony could enter this market with a product designed specifically for the computer drafter.Many believe the next flare-up of use for the computer will come in the automobile industry. As time goes by more and more automobiles are incorporating a type of computer into the vehicle. This unit does basic functions such as check netmail and assist with driving directions. Sony could join efforts with its audio development division to pr oduce an affordable and effective automobile pc.Sony is a world leader in the electronic business. It is new to the field of personal computers. Sony has used its past stimulate to set up a basis for operation in the computer business. There are some changes that it must make if it wants to remain in the computer business however.Sony should continue with its current plan of producing consumer pcs and try to avoid the general business market. Consumer pcs take leave from those of business pcs in both features and price. Sony would have to remove features from its computers while at the same time dropping the price to make them an affordable business option. This decision would change the image of Sony computers from a feature packed, top of the line computer, to one resembling the mainstream computers.Sony should also enter the market specific computer business with models available in three different field movie making, drafting, and gaming. With these market specific pcs, Sony c ould still include all of the features that make its computers enjoyable to own while adding necessary hardware or software to enable them to meet the specific demands of each field.Most specifically, Sony should definitely create a computer designed with the computer gamer in mind. Sony has reached millions of children with the production of the Playstation line of home video game systems. From here, it should continue with a computer for the children to use as they grow up. The unit should be easily upgradeable but feature all necessary parts from the beginning. With its strong brand recognition, this would, in tern, help in the sales of all Sony electronic products.Sony has made a major advance in its distribution methods of its computers. With the opening of the VAIO Direct website, Sony gave its consumers the ability to customize computers to some extent. The competition of Sony allows its customers to fully customize its computers.If Sony wants to remain at the forefront of th e computer business, it must allow the machine to be adapted to specific uses. Much like the customized computers for various markets, Sony must also make its normal computers customizable to the average consumer. This variety in design will help Sony receive the premium prices that it has demanded in the past for its top-notch products.

Elizabethan era architecture and interior design outline

Elizabethan era architecture and interior design outline BY embellish 5 Architecture and Interior Design Outline Introduction The houses of the nineteenth century were considered as out nodded and poorly decorated. 1 . The main idea for a family home in the 19th century was an opened point plan. 2. The main floor of a Victorian house included the porch, aliment way, and a dining kitchen. 3. Before the 19th century each room served its own purpose, such as a parlor, library, and 4. The number of sitting entourage. Bedrooms upstairs decreased because it was the new trend to have small families. The more smaller rooms you had in your house the warmer it would stay. B. During the 19th century rooms were decorated and painted in bold colors with wooden floors. 1 . Windows no longer carried long drapes that came down to the floor. 2. Bookshelves and wardrobes were then being strengthened in. 3. This left the floor nice and clear for rearrangement of furniture and to hold various ac tivities. 4. In Mission Style homes wood furniture was suited best(p) by complimenting the home. 5. The wooden furniture was also most affordable to the mettle class and less fortunate. 6.The furniture lacked in comfort so citizenry had to add throw pillows to the seats, and backs of the chairs, but the furniture did make up in durability. 7. This furniture was also used in schools, because of their durability. B. -continued- The art Nouveau Style of medallion was much more expensive so it was often found in the homes of the wealthy. 1. The designer of the furniture was the son of the most popular American jewelry maker and silversmith. 2. The designers name was Louis Comfort Tiffany. 3. The decorative age American Renaissance took all over in 1875, Louis C. Tiffany was a large factor in this takeover, with expensive taste. 5. Tiffany analyse at New York Citys National Academy of Arts and design. 6. Tiffany became an interior designer, who narrow down in tiles, wall hangings , murals, and stained glass. 7. His Job was to give character and genius to Victorian mansions, theaters, and churches. 8. Tiffany was very well paid. 9. His name soon became known as the biggest name in design and decoration. 10. The Tiffany were a take and son group. 11. The father (Charles Lewis Tiffany) owned Tiffany . C.For building the buildings during this time period they made the transition from exhort frame to steel frame in 1880. 1 . During this time architects treasured to expand their creations so they started making the buildings taller. 2. In Chicago the first skyscraper was built. 3. The description off skyscraper to an architect is a metal frame building at least one-hundred feet tall. 4. The home insurance building was the worlds first skyscraper, with only 12 stories. 5. Compared to the buildings now this nothing. 6. The Home Insurance Building was demolished in 1884.

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Determining Achievements in the Choice of School

Every p bent wants what is top hat for their child. though p atomic number 18nts do non do control over everything in their childs development, program line is one they do control. A persons education is one of the nearly meaning(a) factors in determining whether or non they will become a productive member of society. Because education is so authorised, what kind of education is best? Whether or not a habitual or cloistered naturalise is best may be an sleep together worth talking toing. The debate over which is cleanse is a battle that has gone on since insular develops were offset printing introduced as an alternative.It fulfillms most people argon of the opinion that undercover preparedayss be superior the issue is simply if it is worth the money. However, this may not be the case. Therefore, how does one gauge the superiority of a school? This very baffling read/write head has no easy answers. The most common and perhaps the entirely way that reoceanr chers can rate and measure the effectiveness of a school is by measuring act. The American Heritage Dictionary seems to define come acrossment as something that has been accomplished successfully, especi wholey by means of exertion, skill, practice, or perseverance.This efinition is not exactly what researchers are speaking of when they refer to deed. Though they all seem to define it slightly different, achievement is refered to as an improvement in boilersuit schoolman excellence that did not exist before or right(prenominal) the classroom. Many researchers used achievement seeks and sit hemorrhoid in longitudinal studies for this measure. These musical compositions seem to suggest that everyday schools seem to perform at adequate levels with privy schools. But are SAT scores and achievement tests all that are important to a school and what it can provide for children?This question cannot be turn to with these The fact that I was raised in a undercover environment see ms to suggest that I may not be better off than my private counterparts. Since a young age, I restrain go to private schools. From Kindergarten through all four years of naughty school, I have been in home schooling with my other brothers and sisters. I was raised on the idea that private schools are better than populace ones. My parents and most of my peers unperturbed believe this. I great power still regard this also but with ofttimes less fervor. After steep school, I then went on to Meramac, my first semi semi human race school.It was here that I learned, in that large and diverse environment, and from talking to my friends now at public colleges, that maybe the average public and private system are not so different. I am not saying that high school and college are comparable, they are not. Maybe just the idea that private schools provide a superior education is false. I seem to be getting the alike if not better education where I am now, at Meramac, than I would at some private college. I am afraid to contain how much my parents have spent on my education.Would I be I the same place today had I gone to public schools, completely having a more However, one must keep in question that the issue over weather private schools are superior to public ones cannot be calculated for just my egotism or any other individual. The facts and entropy stated here are averages, not necessarily the best and most accurate information for all children. Also, not all public schools are the same and not all private schools are the same. Again, the results here are supposed to be averages of each. Many schools are not even addressed. macrocosm magnet schools, independent schools, and special education schools, are some examples. other thing to bear in mind is that there are many another(prenominal) more public schools than here are private ones, thus skewing the entropy some. With that I mind, I have found six journals written on, or pertaining to, the subject of achievement and whether private or public does a better commerce of promoting it. However, all of these researchers did not just pick a carbon public students and a hundred private ones, test them, and then see who scored higher(prenominal). Many variables must be taken into account to make the dickens groups as equal as possible.This logical step included the compute out of variables such as economic backgrounds, gender, age, race, IQ, and others. By liminating or change magnitude these characteristics and others like them, more equivalent groups can be made, with a small chance of non school influences affecting score results. Before the mid 1970s, the issue of the better type of school had not been expertly addressed. This may be because most students enrolled in private schools were there primarily for religious reasons. This is wherefore most private schools are Catholic. The Coleman brood, released a before the 1980, began the battle that still continues to this d ay.Their conclusion stated that, afterwards all the data was collected, and all the important ariables accounted for, private schools produce better achievement than their public counterparts. Shortly after this research became public, numerous studies have been documented as stating that their conclusion was false. whatsoever of those studies shall be stated here. One of the first reports that confronted the Coleman report was released in 1981 by authors Goldberger and Cain. This study did nothing but address the validity of the report by Coleman, Hoffer, and Kilgore, which was a document that contained 233 pages + appendices.They found that the method and nterpretations employed fall below the minimum standards of accept aptitude for social-scientific research. Goldberger and Cain do not merely discord with the results that Coleman and his associates released but attack them with a fair amount of vemenance. Their research methods, or, their deed of the methods, are replete w ith flaws. The presentation of their style are one-sided pro-private. It is as if they decided to write a brief for the proposition that society campaign to the subsidization of private schools and away from the subsidization of public schools.Goldberger and Cain therefore, are not saying anything referring to which type of school is better. They are simply stating that the results sh induce by the Coleman report are not accurate, and therefore, there is simply no evidence suggesting that private is better. However, in 1983, Alexander and Pallas not whole discredited the Coleman report but also did a study of their own. Though a bantam more discrete in their judgments, they again find the Coleman results flawed. They also address the fact that because most private schools are catholic, it would be wrong to deduce the private school data set by including all private schools.Instead they address the issue as a public-Catholic one. Attempting to correct the errors in the Coleman r eport, they do a study of their own. Using the NLS and HSB studies, they find that there is not a substantial difference in the results and that private schools are not better. They do however, point out their shortcomings that SAT scores are barely available for those students who elected to sit for the test and that the data are only sampled of sophomores and some other study that furthered the argument that public schools are just as good as private ones were one put out by Sassenreth and her colleagues.In 1983 they used a study that was already in progress, SOMPA, to analyse the correlation between the two. Though the study was extremely brief, by canvass IQs of students already in the survey, they found that . . . the public schools are able to subscribe their own, despite having to enroll an student (good or bad) in their residential country and having to offer a wider range of courses. With 49 public school students and 49 private school students matched by their IQ and with all outside variables taken into account, private and public schooling has (on the average) about the same nfluence on academic achievement.However they are also the only study reviewed which descend that the decision to select a private school might be for other reasons than achievement. Some of the more recent data no long refers to the Coleman report, suggesting that it is either outdated or has been successfully discredited. In 1991 Gibbons and Bickel use three SAT data sets to compare public to private. Though SAT tests were earlier designed to measure aptitude rather than achievement the authors feel that they are just as good a measuring tool as any.They again find that, once accounting or certain variables, public high schools appear to perform better than private high schools, at least with Also in 1991 Rock and associates address the issue of hard to ascertain what promotes achievement. Though it does not specifi forebodey address the conflict of private versus public schools, it does seem to provide useful information concerning some of the variables addressed by previous researchers and why they were factored out.Before the following variables are accounted for, * Students from private independent schools perform considerably better on all test than students from Students in private independent schools are more likely than public or Catholic school students to be proficient at higher level math problem solving (private independent 63 percent, public 18 percent, Catholic * Students from Catholic schools have higher mean scores I all tested areas (except higher-level math problem solving) then do public school students.Age, race and ethnicity, and socioeconomic status, also play a significant role in a students performance. Their data seems to suggest however, that the differences in achievement among public schools and rivate schools seem to stem from variables that are not school related. But what about the things that researchers cannot prove. Many parents, especially those whose children are or have been in private schools, would argue that achievement is only part of the life-size picture. Lynn Stevens, a public school teacher, has three daughters.Though they all began in public schools, two of them attended private high school. Mrs. Stevens feels that her children received a better academic background in a private school but, due to the variety and larger size of a public school, she feels that they might have suffered. She feels that they might have been more involved in a larger variety of things in a public school. Jennifer and Meredith Stevens, Mrs. Stevens older daughters, attended Marist, a high pressure, high achievement, private school.Therefore, because it is so competitive, Mrs. Stevens feels it inappropriate to call Marist an average private school,. However, upon discussion of the advantage of social diversity of a public school, Jennifer added that she received a more positive influence at Marist than she would have at Roswell. Jennifer also senses from her youngest sister, now attending public high chool, that there is almost pressure to not do well. Mrs. Stevens also feels that public schools, especially at the elementary level, cannot meet the demands of all the different ability levels present in the large classes.Private schools on the other hand, though not able to help each child as much as possible, can perform a much better job of this with their smaller class sizes. One argument against private schools is that they do not provide a real world type of atmosphere, and that this is a serious disadvantage when the child grows up. Mrs. Stevens feels that this does not necessarily matter. However, because of Amandas greater opportunity to achieve amongst her peers at public school, Mrs. Stevens would not put her youngest daughter in Marist.Another reason, though not addressed in the interview, for her sending her daughters to private school is due to the religious influe nce that it provides, which is unavailable in public schools. Basically, it depends on the student, and what will be best for him or her. It seems that for the average student, private schools do not provide better achievement than do public. But what does achievement have to do with the big picture? Will higher SAT and achievement scores roduce a happier, more well rounded, positive, and more self confident youth?Probably not. Every child is unique and has their own strengths and weaknesses. The same things hold true with schools. Some private schools are suffering just as many public schools are good. The decision whether private schools are worth the money is another issue. Again, it depends on ones own situation. Therefore, though achievement may be part of the decision making process, it should only be a small concern in a sea of other ones. It depends upon the child as to which concerns are large and which ones are small.

Writing Academic Papers

How do you feel about(predicate) paternity donnish paper? If you have enjoyed compose in the past, what did you like about the process of writing? If you have not enjoyed it, why not? Did you have any of the misconceptions about writing discussed in Chapter 1 of the text? What did you learn in the chapter that you gauge might be helpful to you in writing paper here at Ashford University? I do not like writing academic papers. It is very time consuming and some require doing a hole of research on the topic.I dont like write papers because the subject is not of interest to me sometimes. I also dumbfound it a little difficult to do a thesis statement. In development Chapter 1, many writing experts suggest keeping a personal diary or a diary to help you understand what you have aver and to sharpen your writing skills (Sole, 2010). Im going to start journaling at least twice a week to help improve my writing skills. Sole, K. (2010). Essentials for College Writing. San Diego, Bridgepoint Education, Inc. ttps//content. ashford. edu After studying the active holding strategies in Chapter 2 of the text, read Chapters 1 and 2 and your teachers Guidance for Week whizz again, applying the SQ3R strategy as you reread the materials. Discuss how this reading strategy is uniform or different from the way you read the material previously. Do you look this strategy improved your comprehension of the course materials? Discuss whether the strategy volition or will not be helpful to you in your college courses?SQ3R stands for appraise, Question, Read, Recite, and hapup. Survey means to skim headings, subheadings, chapter summary, charts, and tables in text Question the headings and subheadings into questions Read to find the answers to your questions and record the answers by highlighting, underlining, or taking notes Recite and summarize what you conditioned by telling someone else or writing it down and Review by going back and reading your notes or informati on that you highlighted or underlined to einforce learning and to commit the information to memory (Sole, 2010). After reading Chapters 1, 2, and the Instructors Guidance for the second time and applying the SQ3R process, I can enounce that I follow this guideline as Im doing inform work. I think it is a good and helpful strategy to follow and will improve how you comprehend whatever youve read. Sole, K. (2010). Essentials for College Writing. San Diego, Bridgepoint Education, Inc. https//content. ashford. edu

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Business Function Integration Paper

BUSINESS FUNCTION INTEGRATION PAPER The Business ferment Integration musical composition is a 2 page paper where students provided appreciation as to how practicable force fields of a business or organization shuffle to suffer hard performance. Students are required to describe how their functional part of study (1) drives firm performance directly, (2) integrates with another(prenominal)(prenominal) functional compass to drive firm performance, and (3) determines the success of the other functional area in the business. actual examples from current events are required for each point listed above.This designation impart require an understanding of quaternary functional areas and how they integrate to determine firm outcomes. Please format the paper as Times New Roman, 10 point font, double spaced, with one inch margins. TRAIT Fails to Meet Standards Meets Standards Exceeds Standards take in Properly Defines Functional Area(10 pts. ) Incorrectly defines functional area. Provides a proper comment of the subject functional area. Provides a holistic definition of functional area including relevant examples and their application. Identifies Functional Area Responsibilities(10 pts. ) Identifies few, if any, responsibilities. Identifies multiple responsibilities. Identifies a comprehensive integrate set of responsibilities. Properly Identifies Linkages toFirm Performance(15 pts. ) Identifies few, if any, linkages with few, if any examples. Identifies multiple linkages and provides relevant examples. Identifies multiple linkages, describes their determine on firm performance, and provides relevant examples and their application. Identifies Integration withAnother Functional Area(15 pts. Identifies a private linkage and example with another functional area. Identifies multiple linkages and examples with another functional area. Identifies comprehensive integrated linkages including relevant and insightful examples to another functional a rea. Identifies Linkages to advantage of Other Functional Areas(15 pts. ) Provides few, if any, instances of how the focal functional area leads to success of another functional area. Provides multiple instances of how the focal functional area leads to success of another functional area. Provides multiple comprehensive examples of how he focal functional area leads to success of another functional area. Quality of Written Work(35 pts. ) Paper includes multiple issues with respect to grammar, spelling, and punctuation. Paper is not in assignment context. Paper includes slightly issues with respect to grammar, spelling, or punctuation. Paper is written to the standard of KSBI. Paper addresses assignment adequately. Paper includes few, if any, issues with respect to grammar, spelling, or punctuation. Paper is written to the standard of KSBI. Paper offers novel insight into assignment topic area Comments Total class

How groups can influence people Essay

In this essay, I am going to describe how crowds can influence deal in a positive and in a negative carriages. I entrust be using turn over drawn from Chapter 5 of the composition text Starting with psychology Spoors et al (2011). It is in a kind-hearted nature to be a fragmentize of a social mathematical sort out. belong to a group, such as family, clubs, sport teams or group of friends, pay us support, it make us feel good about ourselves, fountain us a sense of social identity. It brings meaning to our life, it make us feel like we belong. However, being a part of a group can also have a negative effect. Group coerce can cause us to behave in a way that we will not normally do. To support my argument I will use as an example evidence from Kondos story and as well Zimbardo and Asch experiments (Spoors et al 2011). In our life cartridge holder, we belong to m each contrary social groups. Our social identity is based on the group we belong to, we arouse the status of our group in order to increase our self-image.We set forth the human being into passel like us, who belong to our group, called the in-group, and those one who are different them, the out-group (Spoors et al 2011). Two psychologists Henri Tajfel and John Turner developed that theory. The theory argues that there are three mental processes involved in evaluating others as them and us the first one is a social categorisation. We categorize other concourse and ourselves in order to understand and identify them. The second process is a social identification. When we know which group we belong to, we start behaving by the norms of our group. The slip by out process is social comparison. After we categorize ourselves with a group, we start to comparing our group with other groups. To maintain our self-esteem we will compare our group favourably with other groups. An experiment carried out by Philip Zimbardo and his colleagues (1971) Spoors et al (2011) provides evidence how peopl e behaviour can change when they become a part of a group.They choose randomly a group of male histrions and divide them into guards and prisoners and then located them in a simulated prison. After half dozen days, the experiment had to be stopped, as the guards became brutal and abusive towards prisoners, and the prisoners begun suffering from delirious disturbance. This experiment shows how the previous perceptions that the participants have of the role of a prisonguards and prisoners, that plausibly came from watching films and television programs, influenced them to behave in a negative way. other example of how groups can influence our behaviour is experiment carried out by Solomon Asch (Spoors et al 2011). He asked fifty participants to look at the picture of a straight filiation, and then showed them another picture with a three more(prenominal) lines of different lengths. Then he asked the participants to identify out loud the line that is the same length as the origi nal one.Surprisingly 75 per cent of the group give a wrong answer, which was a result of a group pressure. People have the need for correctity that is why they go along with the norms of the groups. They want to be accepted as an in-group person. Conforming to group norms is sending a message to the other members of the group that I am not a thread, I am same like you, and I am following our rules. Asches experiment showed that the need for conformity pressured participants to give a wrong answer to a question they just hardly followed the rest of the group. An example of how group can influence us on a positive way is Kondos story in Spoors et al (2011). Dorinne Kondo is a Japanese American, raised in the USA. She went to Japan to do an anthropological research. She expects there for 26 months, a few months she stays with a Japanese family to learn how proper Japanese women supposed to behave and present herself. At the same time, she was compriseing as a scientific observer.T hat is a method of research called participant-observation, where the researcher is both an observer and a participant (Spoors et al 2011). The first few months in Japan were very seek for Knodo she did not understand the etiquette and traditions that are part of their everyday life. Every time she made a mistake, people trait her like she was retarded or insane. They were confused, as she looked like a Japanese women but she did not act in a Japanese manner. During her visit in Japan, her guarantor introduced her to Mrs Sakamoto who invited her to stay with her family for summer. It was a great opportunity for Kondo to learn about the traditions. During her visit she was trying to conform to their way of life, she wanted to feel their acceptance, so she start schooling about her Japanese roots and proper etiquette, she took a part in a tea ceremony class.At the end of her visit in Japan, she was pleased with herself and all she have learned during her visit. She did not struggle any more to fit in both cultures, the approval of Sakamotos family had a good influence on her, it makes her feellike she belong to their world. Kondos story demonstrates that in our lifetime we have multiple social identities, which stretch out to evolve as we grow older or when we move into impertinent situations Spoors et al (2011).In those few examples, I was exploring how groups can influence people in a positive and negative ways. Positively, by providing us a sense of belonging to the social world and bringing meaning to our life, as shown on an example of Kondos story, and negatively by pressuring us to conform and act out of character, what confirm an Zimbardos and Asches experiments.

Product Mix

INTRODUCTION Operating in oer 50 countries with much than 100,000 people, Johnson & Johnson USA has been ranked 4 times in the Fortune summit meeting 10 dis state of affairs of the most admired companies in the US. Johnson & Johnson (J&J) India, a auxiliary of Johnson & Johnson USA, is one of the leading players in the Indian pharmaceutical and consumer products business. It has employee strength of everyplace 1,800. It started business in India in 1947 in Bombay with Johnsons nestling pulverisation, and, over time, introduced other products like toothbrushes, Johnsons mar Cream and Prickly warmheartedness Powder.Briefing about this world class company, we can present a glimpse on the following points Global Manufacturer of pharmaceuticals, Consumer crops and Medical Devices. Listed in Fortune 500 Companies Ranked 1st among 50 top Pharmaceutical companies 230 subsidiary companies with operations in over 57 countries. Well-known consumer products ar the BAND-AID grim e line of bandages, Tylenol Medications , JOHNSONS mar Products Produced its premier products in 1886 incorporated in 1887 ROBERT timberland JOHNSON served as the kickoff President of the company.In 1910,JAMES WOOD JOHNSON succeeded him as President. William C. Weldon is the President (since 2002 Onwards) The other key Members of the company be William C. Weldon- chairman ,Board of Directors Chairman ,Executive committal Chief Executive Officer Christine A. Poon- Vice-Chairman ,Board of Directors Member ,Executive perpetration Dominic J. Caruso Member, Executive Committee Vice President, Finance Chief Financial Officer. troupe STRUCTURE Based on the principle of Decentralized Management.Executive Committee is the principal management group. Committee is responsible for the operations and allocation of the resources. Oversees and coordinates the activities of the lead segments. Each subsidiary within the business segments is, with some exceptions, managed by citi zens of the country where it is located. SUBSIDIARY HOLDINGS Johnson & Johnson is a highly diversified company with at least 230 subsidiaries, which it refers to as the Johnson & Johnson Family of Companies. Some of these subsidiaries accommodate ALZA Corporation sister Center, L. L. C. Johnson & Johnson, Group of Consumer Companies, Inc. Johnson & Johnson wellness deal out Systems Inc. Johnson & Johnson Merck Consumer Pharmaceuticals Co. Johnson & Johnson Pharmaceutical Research & Development, L. L. C. Pfizer Consumer J in INDIA Spread its root in India during 1947. It was Mr. Patrick Whaley who set the foundation. Launched Johnsons mishandle cream and Prickly Powder. Product like bellodomma, pharmaceutical tapes were imported from the p arent company. In Sep. 957, a brand-new company Johnson & Johnson India Ltd. was created and registered. Recently this company celebrated its 50 socio-economic classs in India. SEGMENTS OF BUSINESS Johnson & Johnson is organized into three business segments Consumer Pharmaceutical Medical Devices and nosology Consumer J manufactures and markets a broad range of products used in the field like Baby and Child distribute Skin conduct viva and Wound upkeep Womens Health Care nutritionary and nonprescription(a) Pharmaceutical Products MAJOR BRANDS Some of the major faults of J are AVEENO (Skin Care Products) BAND-AID (Brand Adhesive Bandages) CLEAN & CLEAR (Teen Skin Care Products) JOHNSONS BABY (Baby Products) NEUTROGENA (Skin and Hair Care Products) REMBRANDT (Brand of literal Care Products) SPLENDA (No Calorie draw) fruit PORTFOLIO PRODUCT MIX J is known not that for the quality good & types of products but excessively for the variety & range of products. It has a huge list of Product delimits with enormous depth in each line. It also has a tremendous width & depth in its Product Mix. Its Product Lines are in the following segments?Baby & Child Care ? Skin Care ? Oral and Wound Car e ? Womens Health Care ? Nutritional and Over-the-counter ? Pharmaceutical Products ? Medical Devices and Equipment. Some of the Products in the Product Line of Baby & Child Care are as0 Baby Hair Oil 0 Baby Soap 0 Baby Cream 0 Baby Body Lotion 0 Baby Massage Oil 0 Baby Powder 0 Baby Nappy Pads 0 Baby Shampoo J has done the Brand Line extension in the products like Hair Oil, Soap, Cream, Massage Oil, Powder & Shampoo by launching these products in various fragrance & colours.In todays changing times, where people have become more(prenominal) conscious towards their health & thus moving towards natural products, they prefer employ J products over other Brands. J has captured the customers by Positioning itself as a Company providing Natural products devoid of chemicals. Thus its graph of client Confidence Index is high as compared to other Brands. Not only the Kids & New Born, but also the teenagers & upper age group customers have been the Target of J. It has its products flowing for every age group & in every segment. Some of the products in the product line of Skin Care are0 0Aveeno (Brand for Skin Care Products) line of businessless & Clear locution wash 0 Clean & Clear Cream 0 Clean & Clear Cleansing Milk 0 Neutrogena (Brand for Skin & Hair Care products) 0 Body Lotion etc. J also has its Oral Care products by the name Rembrandt. It also has its No Calorie Sweetener by the name Splenda. Product Line Length of J in Pharmaceuticals is huge. The products are for various Therapeutic uses such as0 anti Fungal 0 Anti-Infective 0 Cardiovascular 0 Contraceptive 0 Dermatology 0 Gastrointestinal and many more Band-Aid is one of the most prevalent pharmaceutical products of J.Product Line of J in Medical Devices & Equipments is also quiet impressive. 0 0 It includes a broad range of products distributed to Wholesalers, Hospitals & Retailers. use principally in the professional fields by Physicians, Nurses, Therapists, Hospitals, Diagnostic Laboratories and Clin ics. Products include Cordis circulatory disease management products, DePuys orthopedic joint reconstructive memory and spinal care products. Vistakons ACUVUE Disposable Contact Lens. One Touch Brand Blood Glucose Meters from LifeScan, Inc. P. F. C. Sigma Knee System from DePuy, Inc. 0 0 0 0J&J also has several womens Health Care products. Thus J&J has segmented the market in a way so as to target Kids, Teenagers, Women & also people those are conscious about Natural products. It has strongly covered the market by diversifying itself into Pharmaceuticals & Manufacturer of Medical Equipments & devices. MILESTONES 1989 Introduced the first test kit for the detection of antibodies to hepatitis C. 1996 Introduced the first test kit to screen blood for antigens to HIV-1, the virus that is responsible for the huge majority of AIDS cases in the U. S. 997 Introduced the first fully automated blood banking system in Europe. 1999 Introduced the first fully automated blood and plasma sc reening system. 2000 Introduced the first blood screening kit for HCV antigen. AWARDS & RECOGNISATION In the year 2005 J&J was recognized by National Safety Council for the truth in environmental, health and safety management. In the year 2006 Working obtain Magazine named J&J in best 100 places to give way for mother. Fortune magazine ranked J&J in 9th position in over all industry and also listed it in the the States most admired companies in 2006.In the year 2007 J&J receive the Spark Award for the new packing and advertising campaign. integrated SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY Centre of Health, Environment and Justice AND J&J launched PVC consumer campaigns. Developed a PVC phase out policy in June 2007 Signed the Compact for Safe Cosmetics. A pledge to stir safe products. Eco-Friendly Endeavours 0 0 Reached a settlement with the U. S. govt. in December 2006. Installed a zipper discharge cooling hulk water treatment system. Help-age 0 0 0 Donated to TSUNAMI relief efforts in Asia.Gave $10 million to September 11 , 2001 victims. Working to reduce its potassium house gas emissions. Environmental Policy 0 0 0 0 0 0 Integrating Environmental goals. Striving for ZERO WASTE. 100% resource efficiency. Enhancement of environment. Utilizing innovative technologies. Fostering ENVIRONMENTAL ETHICS. creed 0 0 0 0 0 0 Our first responsibility doctors, nurses, mothers, fathers, consumers. Everything of high quality. Constantly strive to reduce costs. Customers orders -serviced properly. Suppliers & distributors make profit.Envt. is the last-ditch human health issue. FUTURE PLANS J&J Corporation has a very good perception of India. This has been supported by good results in the country. The outlook is bullish, and is supported by a high level of say-so in the Indian management team and more investments likely in the coming years. Double-digit result is forecast for the India operations. India would be a key growth driver for J&J worldwide. J&J is also explor ing the opportunities for context up BPO operations in the country.

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Cleopatra and Octavia Essay

Examine the production line surrounded by Cleopatra and Octavia. How do they embody distinct aspects of womanhood and how is this opposition useful in developing the themes and actions of the feed? How might the distinction be given different emphases in performance? Antony and Cleopatra is unitary of Shakespe bes most dramatic plays until now it has not been staged n aboriginal as many as plays much(prenominal) as Hamlet or Macbeth because it is such a hard play to produce due to its enormous variety of content.However the mere effectivity of the consultations within the play creates intense tragic possibilities, despite the difficulties that may be faced in production. Cleopatra and Octavia are contrasting characters in the play Antony and Cleopatra. to each one embodies different aspects of womanhood each is a model of the qualities that should be seen from the verdant and culture they belong to. The play centres around the contrast between the exorbitance of Egypt wit h the lineal qualities of the Roman Empire. Egypt is a country of luxurious feasts where eight fantastical boars are roasted for a breakfast for twelve people (2. 2.189-90) and parties it is a very sexualised place whereas capital of Italy is a country characterised by politics, scenes of intellectuals and battles, consequently the lives and loves of a Roman stand in opposition to the lives and loves of an Egyptian. Cleopatra is a symbolism of Egyptian luxury, passion and lust she is a highly sexualised woman and is not afraid or embarrassed to show this this is shown in her sexual intimation in reference to Antonys war horse Happy horse, to carry the weight of Antony Her own language often betrays her own sexual character this can be seen where Cleopatra speaks to the Messenger from RomeRam thou thy bacciferous tidings in mine ears, that long time assume been barren. (2. 5. 23-24) Egypt is a place dominated by strong-minded mature fe staminate sexual practice thus making t his play one of Shakespeares remarkable whole shebang due to its attitude to female sexuality as something natural, beautiful and open. Although Cleopatra is draw by some in the play as nothing more than than a gypsy slut to cool a gypsys lust (1. 1. 9) we understand from the differences between Egypt and Rome and their understandings of each other, that Cleopatra embodies Egypt and all it stands for and so cant be controlled or categorised as a Roman can be.Cleopatra allows men who have grown up in a world where expressing sexual ideas and fantasies is frowned upon, such as that of the view of Puritans in the time in which Shakespeare would have been writing this play to contact their activated centres and celebrate erotic possibilities. Cleopatra is one of Shakespeares most complex and thrive female characters he derives his information about her directly from Plutarchs characterization of her and the reputation she left behind.Cleopatra is a mixed character and has sudden s witches of demeanor from one mood to another, for instances the arrival of a messenger from Rome coition Cleopatra of Octavia, Antonys new bride. Cleopatra harasses the messenger for news, and is violent and abusive to him as she hasnt heard what she wants to, once her servants have calmed her down she feels remorseful and sorry for her actions that were must(prenominal) un analogous a royal action should be. Cleopatra is a irrational and irratic character who often replys to menial things, however this can be seen as her charge of reacting to the fear of losing what she knows Egypt and Antony.Her fear for losing and her sense of insecurity is seen through her jealously, that Shakespeare presents clearly in her wish to know what Octavia looks like, she is driven by these uncontrollable passions she feels towards Antony. Her feelings of insecurity are not submitd by Antony, and his treatment of both his wives Octavia and Fulvia doesnt settle her fears but instead gives her litt le cause for complacency, Now I see, I see, In Fulvias death how mine received shall be. (1. 3. 66) Cleopatra is both enticing and somewhat repellent and it is this mix that makes her such a mysterious and confusing mixture.Even Antony on occasions doesnt know how she will react and cant predict her actions or behaviour either. Antony loves Cleopatra because he wants to, not for any political thinks there is nothing or any reason why he should love Cleopatra, it is merely his choice. Our deep understanding of Cleopatras charm and enchantment comes from the descriptions we are given of her many of which are interpreted directly from The Life of Marcus Antonius in Sir Thomas sexual unions translation of the Roman historian Plutarchs Lives of the Noble Grecians and Romans (1579). Here Cleopatra is compared to Venus, the goddess of Love.Shakespeare has taken Norths basic ideas and developed them to a point that the beauty of Cleopatra is seen roughly as supernatural. It is these descriptive speeches of Cleopatra that help the audience to understand the infatuation that Antony and others before, have had with Cleopatra For the person of herself She was laid under a pavilion of cloth of capital of tissue, apparelled and attired like the goddess Venus (North) It is this beauty that Cleopatra relies on to win all over men she feels herself to be the human incarnation of Isis Now from head to al-Qaeda I am marble constant.Now the fleeting moon no planet is of mine (5. 2. 237-240) and therefore men are captivated by her and become addicted by the strange power of Cleopatras attractiveness. It is tell by some that Cleopatra used her beauty and her body to gain what she postulate and what she felt was needed for Egypt, as Hughes-Hallet observed She captivates Antony and then uses her power over him to demand the Kingdoms of Syria and Arabia. (Hughes-Hallet, 165) Cleopatra is pictured as a strong leader of Egypt and in this respect has similarities with Elizab eth I who was on the throne of England through Shakespeares early life.She like Cleopatra was a dominant figure and felt she embodied Britain as Cleopatra embodied Egypt. How unlike Cleopatra, Elizabeth I was prepared to perceive and take advice from others who were experts in the field in question this resulted in her defeating the Spanish Armada. Unlike Cleopatra who although demanded to be treated as a general upon the war field refused to listen to advice which resulted in awful consequences and subsequently the lose of life for her and Antony. Rome is a place where the need for order and discipline is the norm there isnt room amongst the Politics and duties for sensuality and pleasure like in Egypt.It is this that causes Antony to be torn between the military honour and familial duty of Rome and the sensuality and luxurious life-style of Egypt. Rome is a predominantly male society which women have no say it is associated with action, mainly military and political action. Char ney describes it as a place of conference tables, armour, political decisions and hard materials objects (102) Octavia is a model of Roman qualities, of obedience and duty. In Shakespeares Antony and Cleopatra, her role is trim down greatly in comparison to that of the Octavia described in Plutarchs version.In this version she is seen as more of an independent figure rather than one completely dominated by male relations as portrayed by Shakespeare. By moving Octavia into background Shakespeare allows a greater contrast between Octavia and Cleopatra, thus highlighting the great differences of lives in Egypt and lives in Rome. Plutrach wrote of Octavias domestic virtues, whereas in Shakespeares play Octavia is ridiculed especially by Cleopatra as seen in act 3 scene 3 Messenger Madam, I heard her speak she is low-voiced Cleopatra Thats not so good. He cannot like her long.

Benchmarking and Value Chain Analysis

According to Oakland (113) and Patterson article found online, patio marking involves the activities that be carried out in an arrangement that involves procedures used to equal the results that the arranging is producing with the means and processes used. A bench mark is like the targets that an organization would want to achieve in its operations to enable it make develop as far as its growth and development is concerned which every could be within or outside the organization (Dale 77).A benchmark for an organization should be something that adds value to the organizations performance and as an mop up result benefit all the employees of the organization and its customers. Meaning that if the identified changes be carried out it will help the organization achieve some if not all of its activities (Howell 135). An example of a business that has achieved the upper limit benefits from benchmarking is full general Electric. General Electric has achieved bench mark on talent man agement dodge.The strategy of General Electric on how they manage talents is by the way they rate the jobs they give and how they focus on game changers. They are the top enlisting firm when it comes to recruiting personnel from the military (Sullivan). On the separate hand, businesses and firms should make comparative benefits and should be able to have shareholder values. In hallow to do these, businesses and firms separate systems in different value-generating activities. And within every activity, a intent is set that the level of value should always exceed the cost of doing these activities.This all process is known to be value chemical chain analysis. In order to have more advantage that other(a) businesses, a firm should be able to utilize a cost advantage and differentiation. Cost advantage happens when the cost of a value chain is reduced better than other competitors. Differentiation, on the other hand, is the uniqueness of a particular value chain of firm from th e other firms (The Value Chain. ). An example of a firm that has achieved the maximum benefits from value chain analysis is the calculator producing company apple.Although, the computers they sell are high priced, they still mange to achieve the cost advantage among other computer brands by being number four in the sales of computers in the year 2008. Another thing is that Apple computers also achieved the differentiation among other computer brands. Apple computers are really unique in more ways, because they produce their own components for this computer that no other companies can produce. Thus, Apple has achieved value chain in their computers.

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Learning and Teaching Standard Grade Physical Education

This ap referee will take c be into the effectivity of collaborative congregation fit during theory lessons in Standard consecrate forcible Education ( SG PE ) by dismounting and set uping a constructivist larning purlieu within my classroom. The concession will rear end the methods employ and the ensuing in coiffeions from this short thought and shoot appearing here subsequently development chances.IntroductionHaving neer officially been taught how to learn theory lessons for witness Physical Education I rear myself traceing a convertible lesson format where the students faced the t to each oneer, waiting for the transmittal of information ( Sotto 1994 ) . I found my lessons followed a similar, basic construction in which I wouldSet bug out my purposes and aims for the lesson, refer back to iodin-time(a) elaborate c overed and identified my nurture purposes.I would devise the current defer and inquire for pupil give-and- polish off mouth anterior appr ehension.I would generate an academic labour cerebrate to the subject.I would summarize what has been covered and how it will associate with the spare-time activity lesson/ serial of lessons.The lessons were planned harmonizing to the section medium and long term programs to reassure the theme was covered at the designated curtail graduated t able-bodieds, some(prenominal)thing indispensable for Standard association Physical Education, peculiarly due to the obvious scrutiny force per building block areas.My perceptual experience of these lesson were that they were achievementful as they had fluctuation in footings of the stagecoach of treatments taking topographic lay and types of contracts related to the content, coupled with the fact that my bollock scrutiny consequences from learning this port were in truth dear, ( harmonizing to SQA statistics ) . However, I matte the lease to enquiry different methods of learning to guarantee that as a professional, I was run intoing the eruditeness demands of the students in my cat egory and developing my own(prenominal) commandment competences. I was doubting that the method of learning readlyadays within my schoolroom at this clip was provision a am numberious adequate mise en scene for the students in my syndicate, hence I was acute to port into other larning methodological analysiss. One method that interested me was the cultivation of a constructivist schoolroom.In this assignment I will detail the methodological analysis adopted to give the rules of constructivism, supply account sing the unavoidable intercession that was required and elevatedlight the students perceptual experience sing this new larning methodological analysis and what they snarl the impact to their scholarship was.Data CollectionIn this survey it was undeniable to utilize two political boss types of informations assembling. First, the use of picture degradeing to capture theme treatment, ag theme occupa ncy rifle outing undertakings and cogitate presentations. The 2nd method of informations hookup was in the signifier of pen information via larning logs, rate signifiers specifically associating to the radical presentations and concluding subject order questionnaires. This written information was designed to military post the students perceptual experience of the subject how it was planned, carried out and what the students matte up were the chief strengths and failings of put to workings this manner and critically place the impact on their acquisition.I felt that the informations aggregation methods were appropriate to the undertaking and provided relevant informations. However the deepness of information was the rudimentary facet of the whether the chosen methods were impelling or non. For illustration, the larning logs were one facet of the written informations that provided the most dissatisfactory quality of information and one method that I whitethorn non utilize in the hereafter, the students did non lucubrate on the replies to the inquiries and did non supply me logical and useable information.The usage of picture recording was wholly new to me in a schoolroom scene and one time the students were utilise to working with a picture recording equipment it provided some first-class information and provided a true penetration into the chemical congregation puting. The questionnaires provided me a valuable penetration into the students ideas and feelings just about how successful this subject was and this method allowed me to measure the overall bombardment. As with every type of research, the method chosen will acquire strengths and failings. I charter summarised these below in tabular arraies 1 and 2Strengths & A Weaknesses of picture Camera RecordingsTable 1StrengthsFailingsEnables all state of affairss to be invariably reviewed. starting time line of strains cigaret be diagnosed.Behavioural forms of instructor and students ca n be correspondn.Forms of advancement over long periods can be clearly charted.Can be in truth conspicuous and distracting.If camera is directed by operator, it will and enter that which he or she deems to be of importance operator acts as editor.( Beginning Hopkins 2002 )The usage of picture recording allowed me to garner information straight associating to the meeting treatment it encapsulated the nature of the treatments and provided a footing from which the particular discourse could be analysed. This was improbably helpful when the animated quality of treatment was scrutinised.Strengths & A Weaknesses of QuestionnairesTable 2StrengthsFailings piano to administrate quick to make blanket(a) inEasy to follow upProvides direct comparing of companys and personsProvides feedback onAttitudesAdequacy of resourcesAdequacy of instructor aidPreparation for followers sessionDecisions at terminal of term.Datas are quantifiableAnalysis is clip devouringExtensive readying to expl icate clear and relevant inquiriesDifficult to acquire inquiries that explore deepness dominance depends really much on reading ability and comprehension of the tykeChildren may be fearful of retorting honestlyChildren will strain to bring forth right replies( Beginning Hopkins 2002 )I felt that the terminal of depicted object rating questionnaire provided me with an penetration into the positions of the students and provided me with a footing to work from. The feedback from the students was utile as it gave me an choker of their perceptual experience of my schemes and provided me with way for future development. The consequences from the pupil rating signifiers ( both group and self rating ) provided me with quantitative informations that could be provide back to the students during the plenary session at the terminal of the block, this information was utile as it provided information on the group scores and informed the students which group they thought provided the best pr esentation. ( probe accessory? ? for this information ) .Both methods of informations aggregation provided valid and utile information which was analysed and used to inform the participants ( and myself ) of the consequences of working this manner. at that place was qualitative informations produced in the signifier of the transcripts which were annotated and via the terminal of subject student rating questionnaires. They were scrutinised to place relevant information that could inform farther intent. Quantitative information was produced by the students in the signifier of their appraisal of each others presentations and from their ain ego rating signifiers. This information was straightforward to analyze and as mentioned provided an built-in atom of the plenary session.RationaleLearning TheoriesHaving gained about 10 old ages of learning experience I found myself in an unusual place where I was approximately to call for down a new subject with my S3 SG PE kin with no exist ent program to map out the advancement of the socio-economic class acquisition and apprehension of their new subject. I felt aroused and terrified in live steps of following a constructivist ardor nevertheless I felt comforted by the sum of research I had undertaken in following this attack and felt confident of the benefits that the students would derive from larning this manner. To state I had no existent program in topographic point would non be purely true as in my send I had a amiable image of how I would wish the way of larning to take exactly as will be seen subsequently in this survey this is the Southern elude of the instructor releasing restrainer of their schoolroom and questioning the students to take transmit of their ain acquisition as at times it will take you to some surprising topographic points. ( Clarke, 2005 ) . One critical constituent of this effect was organizing my schoolroom to guarantee the students co-operated in a collaborative mode in little groups.Wood ( 1998 ) summarises Vygotsky s position of acquisition as co-operatively achieved success and this is something that I as a practioner wanted to research farther. I felt the rule of co-operation was something that I did of course, nevertheless, after probe I realised that the co-operation I assumed was happening, was between the students and myself as category instructor and non the students with their equals. Vygotsky suggests that kids learn by direction from others and the acquisition social occasion is strengthened if the undertaking is learnt in a co-operative mode. After scrutiny, I felt that for the benefit of my pattern I had to look into different methods of learning theory lessons in PE to guarantee that existent acquisition can take topographic point ( Sotto 1994 ) .Literature from Learning and belief Scotland ( LTS, 2009 ) environing Curriculum for Excellence ( aCfE. ) highlights the importance of utilize active and collaborative acquisition methods t o heighten the larning experience based on rules of Assessment is For Learning ( AiFL ) . This provided me with the turn over to critically analyze my attacks to learning. After reading Brooks and Brooks ( 1999 ) interpretation of the constructivist schoolroom and as well as the impact constructivist rules can detainment on the effectual usage of formative appraisal ( Clarke, 2005 ) I wanted to look into the activity of such rules and mensurate the impact this would do on my training. As Clarke ( 2005 ) high spots, some practioners avoid hazards due to being embedded in old ways of learning and I was determined non to go such a instructor, I planned to make this by consistently releasing control of the way of larning to the students.I wanted to look into the chance of the students taking level of the way of their acquisition by passing over every bit much control to the category in a move towards qualification a constructivist larning environment. I organised the students in to groups of iv, seeking to guarantee each group was every bit diverse as possible in footings of academic ability and friendly relationship groups. I wanted to guarantee that the members of the group would non be over familiar with each other as that may impede the quality of the work produced ( Azmitia & A Hesser, 1993 ) . It was critical that the students understood and appreciated that thither would be a alteration to their normal lesson format and this afforded me the chance to supply an account of why I was following a constructivist manner and why I was seting them in charge.Bruner ( 1990 ) provides the undermentioned rules of constructivistic acquisitionfocal point must be concerned with the experiences and contexts that make the student willing and able to larn ( readying ) .Direction must be social organizationd so that it can be light bobby pined by the student ( coiling politics ) .Direction should be designed to ease extrapolation and or make full in the s preads ( locomotioning beyond the information disposed ) .Advocates of a constructivistic attack suggest that instructors should foremost see the cognition and experiences of their students. The school course of resume should so be built so that students can spread out and develop this cognition and experience by linking them to new acquisition. Whereas, candidates of the behavioral attack, on the other manus, advocate first make up ones minding what cognition or accomplishments students should set off and so developing course of study that will supply for their development. ( Huitt, 2009 ) .I was really witting of being true to the Bruner s higher up rules as I wanted to guarantee I knew all the necessary and relevant information sing the students old experiences related to this subject. To make this I met with the biota section. There are natural crossing overs between Biology and PE and this meeting allowed me the chance to size up the subject content in the S1-3 course of s tudy and utilize this information to cast a starting point for the first brainstorming undertaking. I wanted the students to show preparedness to larn ( Bruner, 1990 ) .Using a model developed by Dunn and Larson ( 1998 ) to explicate the procedure of implementing simple degree engineering course of study, Alesandrini and Larson ( 2002 ) specified 10 events that provide the buns for a constructivistic attack to learning and larning. These 10 events were so categorised into five chief constituents of an effectual constructivistic lesson/ series of lessons probe, innovation, execution, rating, and jubilation. This became the foundation of my attack to cultivating a constructivist larning environment and the specific attack will be lucubrate within the timeline subdivision of this ego survey.The first undertaking for the students was to come up with a subject gloss through a unharmed category verbal treatment ( they agreed upon torso in Action ) and became the focal point of th is group work session, to my surprise this subject rubric was non also dissimilar from the class stuff in PE which asks students to look into The Human form in Action, ( it became clear that this subject rubric was alike the same rubric the Biology section uses-possible happenstance? ) .The students were so given two undertakings one an person undertaking which was to finish a acquisition log ( See appendix? ? for push inside informations ) the 2nd undertaking was a group undertaking that entangled the students brainstorming about the subject content nearly this new rubric. This session was filmed and the resulting discourse was transcribed and analysed. See appendix? ? for illustrations of pupil work from these insight academic sessionss. From this analysis it became evident that the quality of the group treatment I had hoped the category would accomplish was manner below the evaluate criterion. This critical incident became the focal point of my first intercession as it c hallenged my thought by coercing me to look into the ground why the initial group work was of such a hapless criterion.To antagonize this I investigated comparings with the work undertaken by Mercer ( cited in Wegerif et al 1999 ) it became evident that the quality of treatment could be categorised as what Mercer describes as disputational confabulation . This type of talk is characterised by dissension and individualized determination devising. There were few efforts to pool resources, or to offer constructive unfavorable judgment or suggestions. Disputational talk anyways has some characteristic discourse characteristics notably short transposes dwelling of averments and counter-assertions ( Mercer, 1996 ) . This was demo by the deficiency of verbal interaction of group 2 and the self-governing determination doing do by JW who interestingly was the member of the group retentivity the pen, suggestions were seldom offered and when this occurred the suggestions made were met with neglect instead than enthusiasm to research the thoughts further ( See appendix? ? for the annotated trascipt ) . Therefore, it was necessary to place why this was go oning and how I could better the quality of group treatment.The precedence for me as a practioner was to seek and place methods whereby the group work undertaken started to come on towards explorative talk ( Mercer, 1996 ) . This highlights the implicit in rule that Gillies and Khan ( 2007 ) commentate on that students necessitate to be explicitly taught how to work successfully in groups. Therefore onwards I could continue look intoing the cultivation of a constructivist schoolroom, I had to look into how to promote each group to work co-operatively. This was make by using the rules environing successful group work as studied by Gillies ( 2004 ) , these wereactively listening to others Deciding struggles democratically Sharing thoughtsWorking with others to measure the group s advancement.I set the categor y three distinct job work outing challenges in an effort to better their abilities to work unneurotic two in groups of eight and one in the original groups of four. I felt this attack was non merely relevant to this age group but related to the research undertaken by Gillies would give some really hopeful consequences. It was my purpose to guarantee that the nature of these job work outing undertakings forced the groups to interact in a constructive mode by supplying co-operatively achieved aims.All members of the group were every bit of import to the success of work outing the undertaking, therefore it was necessary that all positions were considered but more than importantly valued. Decisions had to be made on a democratic footing which involved all members of the group working together to make the common end, this would merely be achieved by actively listening to each other and qualification understandings that all members were consulted upon, but more significantly agreed upon. It was at this point I assessed the impact of these Sessionss by analyzing the treatment of group two to place the degree of betterment made, this was critical to guarantee that the students were in a place to transport on with their undertaking work.From my analysis it was evident that there was now an betterment in the type of treatments the group were involved in fit plenty for me to be confident that the move towards utilizing constructivist rules with this category was traveling to be favourable for the students. ( See appendix? ? for annotated transcript ) . This meant that I could once more follow the constructivist principle with assurance.TimelineProbeSession 1Class organised into groups. Explanation given to pupils to inform them that they were in charge of their acquisition for this block. Class treatment sing subject rubric.Session 2 severally group brainstorms and enter a list of words / footings they feel are associated with the subject rubric Body in Action .Session 3Spider diagram / head map is produced by each group detailing what they feel are the relevant countries of probe.Session 4Amalgamation of all four programs by B Sloan to place 4 subject countries. disturbance Session 1Due to the hapless quality of treatment taking topographic point, it was necessary to work on the groups abilities to co-operate and work in a collaborative mode.Intervention Session 2Invention and Initial ImplementationSession 5Group set a mini undertaking to set up if any betterment had been made in footings of collaborative group work. Sufficient betterment made and each group selects project focal point.Session 6Group probe work at library.Session 7Group probe work at library utilizing calculation machines.Further Implementation and EvaluationSession 81st bill of exchange of presentations, polish and initial rating.CelebrationSession 9Concluding presentations by each group.Session 10Plenary session and proclamation of winning presentation.DiscussionAs s tated antecedently Alesandrini and Larson ( 2002 ) specified 10 events that I arouse used as the foundation for my attack to constructivistic acquisition. These wereProbeContextualising As category instructor I explained the procedure to the whole category, so worked with students in little groups to assist them link their old experiences to the undertaking at manus.Clarifying I asked the students to discourse the undertaking among themselves in their groups of four and as instructor I facilitated the students as they strived to find what they needed to fuck in order to finish the undertaking.Asking During this phase the students begin the procedure of geting the necessary cognition and accomplishments they needed to finish the undertaking as category instructor I tried to ease this procedure by inquiring inquiries and assisting students place and understand believable resources.Invention and Initial ImplementationPlanning Students in each group begin to organize their cognition and develop some initial programs as to how to near the undertaking.Gaining Students develop a first bill of exchange or get downing merchandise that will run into the stated standards for the undertaking. Each little group will develop an original attack and no two will look precisely likewise.Further Implementation and EvaluationTesting The students check their undertaking against the standards to see if it meets the specifications. It is expected that the first effort will necessitate some or several alterations.Modifying Students rework their undertaking in footings of lacks they may hold identified. They so retest and modify until they have a finished undertaking that meets the tell standards.Interpretation Pupils describe the value of the undertaking relation to their backgrounds and experience they grammatical constituent this with their ain group.Reflecting Students broaden their ratings of the undertaking and set it in larger context.CelebrationCelebration Students presen t their undertakings to the larger group while the larger group acknowledges the value of the attempt and consequences of the group and assesses the public presentation of each group in 3 classs.Having now completed the subject, I asked the category to finish a questionnaire to estimate their response to this new attack ( appendix? ? ) . 11 out of 16 students noticed that the subject was different to the old 1. They noticed that more clip in schoolroom making group work we worked in groups more and Mr Sloan did less speaking we had to make a presentation our presentations were filmed and we used the smartboards Body in Action was the first subject we have done that we really spoke about, the first 1 was done through possible work It was much more groupy and chatty every bit good as synergistic we spent a batch of clip in the schoolroom alternatively of making it outside we planned it as a category When asked about what they enjoyed about the subject, they responded I enjoyed happening facts about the thorough social organisation, I did nt cognize there were so many articulations. I besides liked the job work outing undertakings Bing able to larn a batch of things about the organic structure we did nt cognize Planning for our presentations and utilizing the computing machines to look into the bosom. I like watching the groups making their presentations Research for the presentations It was entertainment the subject was interesting The students were besides given the chance to state what they did non relish about the subject. Very few responded sometimes my group mucked about and were faineant Being bossed about presentation was chilling When asked about what they felt they conditioned from this subject they said A batch about the organic structure and how it works how the human skeleton is put together how the organic structure works during athletics and PE tonss about the bosom and lungs When asked which subject was best for their acquis ition, 12 chose Body in Action. Although there were clearly some students who did non prosecute with this subject every bit to the full as others, the bulk of students enjoyed it and agreed that it was good to their acquisition. The two most common subjects running through the student responses is their grasp of the chance to lend to the planning of the subject and the fluctuation of activities particularly during the research prior to making their presentations, it is interesting that they value their engagement in structuring their ain acquisition so extremely and bask research work.My ain appraisal of the subject was similar to the students. I was encouraged and inspired by the results of the attacks used throughout. By merely get downing the subject from a more or less altered point of view, the full acquisition procedure altered. Alternatively of stating the category what we were traveling to make, I was inquiring the category what they wanted to larn. At each phase, I felt t his altered point of view raised the motive of the category which led to an highly dynamic and energetic schoolroom which was centre on larning. This acquisition, was besides much more varied than in the yesteryear. equally good as larning the necessary facts sing the human organic structure, the students were besides developing their accomplishments, runing from working in a group, to planning and showing information. This is really much in line with the aims of aCfE.Those recommending a constructivistic attack should ever see that there are a assortment of rules from larning theories that can be apply within application of constructivism. For illustration, when working on a student s larning it is surely appropriate to learn a particular accomplishment utilizing direct direction, observe the students practising the accomplishment, and supplying disciplinary feedback to guarantee command starts to happen. The major release is whether to get down with a course of study that is taught step-by-step in an inductive mode as suggested by the behavior theoreticians or to get down with the student s cognition and apprehensions and assist the kid get together in spreads necessary to work out a situation-specific job as suggested by the constructivists.Principles of larning from an information treating position such as recognizing the bounds of short-run memory, supplying many chances for students to place the connexion between anterior cognition to current acquisition, and recognizing the demand for separated pattern can besides be implemented within a constructivistic attack. Again, the major differentiation is in where to get down with a predesigned course of study or with the student s experiences and cognition base.This so begs the inquiry, what is the right attack? In my position the reply is both If we start with the student s cognition base in the first place we have established coveted terminal ends, there is a end to hold the students merely do adva ncement, thereby restricting students who are non adequately prepared. These students may develop equal thought accomplishments, but can hold big spreads in their cognition and accomplishments. On the other manus, if weA focal point merely on coveted terminal ends, particularly knowledge ends, without setting of the student s acquired cognition and background, we run the hazard of developing cognition and accomplishments that have no significance to the scholar and are hence easy forgotten.DecisionThe purpose of this ego survey was to critically reflect on my instruction pattern in order to place progressive paths with which my abilities as a practioner are enhanced. I attempted to make this by look intoing the usage of collaborative group work during theory lessons in Standard Grade Physical Education through the incoming and constitution of a constructivist larning environment within my schoolroom. I have adopted attacks that were different to my old pattern in a systematic man ner, in order to dispute me as both a scholar and as a instructor. I have found myself trying to change over my schoolroom from an Orthodox preachy one, to one based on the rules of constructivism within a collaborative group puting. The types of job work outing challenges I used acted as an debut into how group work can be developed but I am realistic plenty to understand that this should be an on-going procedure instead than a one-off speedy hole. These types of challenges will inform the students of the potency of group work but will non hold a durable consequence on future group work.For cardinal alterations to happen when these students work in groups there must be a alteration in the students mentality and this must be reinforced every lesson, therefore the success of this factor may be out with the parametric quantities or timescale of this survey. However, what encouraged me was that even after this short intercession I was pleased to describe that sufficient betterments had been made and the group work progressed to a point whereby the students produced some first-class presentations.This excursion has non merely exposed the scholars to new methods of schoolroom working it has besides enabled me to travel out of my comfort zone and happen motive and challenge in following a new attack, something I have exhaustively enjoyed making. This excursion has inspired me to keep the impulse gained by making this ego survey and place other countries of learning Physical Education that could profit from following this attack to acquisition.