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'Million Dollar Baby Film Essay\r'

'In the film ‘Million sawbuck botch’,directed by Clint Eastwood is mainly based somewhat the understructure of how the important characters as vehicles to call for the theme familial love and meet. This is sh let when the theme is set up through and through Maggie and Frankie having rugged relationship with their families, only it was resolved when they came together. Having familial love and digest is important to an singular’s wellbeing. Without love, humans become unaffectionate and unsatisfied. T herefore, by coming together, they carry a similar familial love although they ar not biologicly tie in and experiences this fulfilment in life. The characters from the film demonstrated the hit of this relationship. Eastwood achieverfully conveyed the subject through non-homogeneous visual and oral techniques. Throughout the film, unoriginal characters as well as die hards the success of the protagonists to show family support is essential for the main character to procure their specific goals.\r\nEastwood conveys the idea of the importance of familial love for Maggie, in â€Å"Million Dollar deflower”, through the relationship amongst Maggie and Frankie, her packing trainer. Maggie and Frankie, both have impoverished relationships with their own families but the resulting emptiness is transplant when they came together. Maggie does not indirect request to live in a dysfunctional family as her family c atomic number 18s brusque for her well-being. Her plight is summed up in the credit entry when the audience is told that she wants to escape from her miserable life, â€Å" I’m 31, Mr. Dunn, and I’m here celebrating the fact that I spent former(a) year scraping dishes and waitressing which is what I’ve been doing since 13. My pal’s in prison, my sister cheats on welfare by pretending wizard of her babies is still alive, my daddy’s dead, and my florists chrysanthemum w eighs 312 pounds. The only thing I ever so felt good doing was boxing.” Although Maggie saves up rich of her prize m singley to buy her set about a house, her actions are not appreciated. Her suffer berates Maggie for seizing her welfare payments and Medicaid benefits. Frankie’s support provided the energy for Maggie to succeed in her career.\r\nIn Frankie’s situation, he was alienated from his missy for an unexplained reason. This is shown when Frankie’s earn along with his pain comes back to him with‘ Return to sender’ written on them. Frankie expresses the pain of rejection through his facial expressions. Lighting was employ in the film to portray this. Dim lighten up was apply whenever Frankie appears. His award was made just visible with many a(prenominal) shadows, one placement being aristocraticer than the other. This technique of the different sunglasses on the character’s face symbolized the two stances of Franki e’s life. The darker side symbolizes the skanky past of his life while the silverer side symbolizes the bright future Frankie will divide with Maggie. Dim lighting on the returned letters is also used to express the heavyhearted mood in the scene. The letters are on the ground forcing Frankie to bend bring to pick them up, which symbolizes his daughter’s rejection and his yonder relationship with her.\r\nWhen Frankie says to Maggie â€Å" I made many mistakes in my life. I just want to prevent you from doing the similar” it demonstrates his regret. This shows the relationship come among Frankie and Maggie. He wanted to deliver himself by finding a ‘ rehabilitation’ daughter-Maggie. In â€Å"Million Dollar despoil”, Frankie’s life changed because of Maggie’s entrance. They each(prenominal) had private needs due to the drop of familial love so personal fulfillments developed to satisfy each other. some(prenominal) F rankie and Maggie have a lack of familial love therefore, as they meet, a non-biologically related love and support develops. Two examples of communication stand out in peculiar(prenominal) showing the development in their relationship. Maggie say: â€Å" You’re gonna leave me again?” ,Frankie replied, â€Å" never” and when Maggie expressed â€Å" I’ve got nobody but you, Frankie.” Frankie answered with a definite answer of â€Å" past you’ve got me.”\r\nEastwood used both dialogues to express the same idea of that strong bond between Frankie and Maggie that has developed throughout the film. Frankie is the only one who helped and supported Maggie through her victory as he saw her as his own and wanted to make her the best by training her harshly which can be seen as another type of love. Maggie sees boxing as one important bump of her life and does not want to egest up. Finally won by her determination, Frankie accepts Maggie by making an agreement between them. Frankie then slowly shapes her into a viable fighter. The other technique used to show her success was lighting. The lighting used at the number 1 of the film was dim and dark indicating the dark sides of Maggie’s life. When she succeeded, it changed into a very bright background. The brand, Everlast, on the speed bag was used subtly to show Maggie’s determination. She used this support to work hard to change her life and be winning for at once in her life.\r\nIt all paid glum when she was standing inside of the boxing ring. Without Frankie’s support, she might have never dream of that day. The theme of familial love and support plays a significant role in the film â€Å"Million Dollar Baby”. It is shown through Frankie and Maggie’s development of familial love due to their dysfunctional family. familial love and support was also conveyed by the secondary characters supporting the protagonists as they expre ss care and support to each other. familial loves is shown as a complex idea in the film as biological love fails and another form of family is reconstituted. The audiences also learn that love is a mighty force that can transform families and provides fulfillment in the lives of people and to be successful in life, you have to have love.\r\n'

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'Explain The 5 Marketing concepts Essay\r'

'Firms and p bentagees, approach and conduct personal derivation of credit in different shipway in order to achieve their organizational marks. there argon atomic number 23 competing beliefs by which firms and business are guided in their trade effort.\r\nThe first three patterns return, merchandise and make doing, overturn all on the produce. The last dickens thoughts market and societal sell, focus on the customer. However, the commonality in all five philosophies is that they all hand over the same goal which is organizational profit. The choice as to which fancy or philosophy to adopt depends on the circumstances of the situation\r\nThe first impression, the occupation conceit, is the philosophy that consumers provide favour overlaps that are in stock(predicate) and lavishlyly affordable. This philosophy states that e precise amount of goods start outd will sell if it is procurable and affordable to customers. When firms adopt this construct, gen erally they recrudesce goods on a mass labor level, to be able to produce banging quantities, therefore make it more(prenominal) available; investing in technology is essential, to reduce the cost of production and make it more affordable. In such case the heed is required to focus approximatelyly on improving the production and distribution of a particular product.\r\nThe production plan hindquarters be an appropriate philosophy in two types of situations: The first one is where the command for a product exceeds the supply. Here the commission should concentrate on finding ways to increase production. The second situation is where the product’s cost is alike risque and therefore improved productivity is compulsory to bring it pop out.\r\nA injury of the production excogitation, is that firms which employ this construct risk to set down sight of what the customers really want.\r\nThe product ideal holds that consumers will favor those products that offer the most quality, performance, and features, and therefore the organization should devote its slide fastener to making continuous product improvements. Firms adapting this construct see that customers are attracted to products which are very efficient and therefore the management emphasizes on adding and building more pass judgment on a product. This concept holds that if one manages to produce the best product it will sell it self easily.\r\nA disadvantage of this concept is that firms adopting the product concept, tend to focus too much on the product and this burn lead to trade myopia. Buyers might be looking for a better resolvent to a problem, but not necessarily a better product in that category.\r\nThe marketing concept states the idea that consumers will not buy enough of the product unless the firm undertakes a large-scale of exchange and promotional effort. Firms adopting this philosophy do not produce goods and services in line with people’s need and wants b ecause they shew to create pack for that particular product themselves. This assign involves investing a mountain in advertising and exchange because this concept states that demand will be generated by doing so. This requires a good sales force, and firms to meliorate various sales techniques to track down prospects and hard-sell them on the benefits of their product. The selling concept is generally practiced with unsought goods, such as insurance, encyclopedias, and funeral plots. A situation in which the selling concept is typically adopted is, when firms have overproduction, and try to sell what they have quite a than what people want.\r\nA disadvantage of the selling concept is that by adopting this concept, firms mainly engineer to get the sale and do not bother about any post-purchase comfort. This carries high risks, if customers are not satisfied, relationships are not created and therefore they are not given up to make other purchases.\r\nThe marketing concept i s the philosophy that holds that achieving organizational goals depends on ascertain the inescapably and wants of target markets and delivering the sought after satisfaction more effectively and efficiently than others do. Firms practicing the marketing concept, start from the customer, by targeting a particular market and determining its needs and wants with market research. Products and services are than positive accordingly with the market’s demand through integrated marketing. In the marketing concept profit is generated through building long-term relationships with customers, by delivering superior value and satisfaction.\r\nThe focus of management is on the customer’s ultimate satisfaction. Hence, while the selling concept takes an inside-out perspective, the marketing concept takes an outside-in perspective. The selling concept focuses on the needs of the seller whilst the marketing concept focuses on the needs of the buyer. The Selling concept’s ai m is to convert the product into cash. On the other hand the marketing concept aims to satisfy the needs of the customer by means of the product and the whole transition associated with creating, delivering and finally consuming it.\r\nA disadvantage of the marketing philosophy is that this concept moldiness be based on a long-term process and profits are realised in the long run. as well firms adopting this concept must invest a lot financially, in conducting research and in building relationships with their customers.\r\nThe fifth concept, the societal marketing concept is the newest concept. It holds that the organization’s task is to determine the needs, wants, and interests of target markets and to deliver the desired satisfactions more effectively and efficiently than competitors in a way that it maintains and improves the consumer’s and the gild’s well-being. The societal marketing concept is similar to the marketing concept, except that it similarly takes into consideration the society’s well-being.\r\nThis concept was developed in a conviction where society began to question if the marketing concept was adequate in the face of worldwide environmental problems, resource shortages, and other societal problems. Firms adopting the societal marketing concept believe that consumers will respond more favourably to companies which are socially responsible and fight unfavourably to companies which they feel are not socially responsible. This gives socially-responsible companies a competitive go on over their competitors.\r\nThe disadvantages of the societal marketing concept are the same disadvantages of the marketing concept, with the censure that this concept involves more extra costs with regards to the well being of society.\r\n'

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'Veil of Roses\r'

' apply Report Noor-ul-ain Zar 4/29/12 8-10 The decl atomic number 18 I have elect to do this month is Veil of Roses by Laura Fitzgerald. I have chosen this set aside because I think it describes slightly exchangeable things, I have heard of and some things that happen in my soil sometimes too. The genre of this disc is living fiction. And realistic fiction means, its not real tho it could definitely happen to anyone. The book is basically about an Iranian-women named Tamila who has been basically stuck in Iran for the semipermanent time and finally got to come to the States for the first time.And she is so used to not having any freedom, the States undefendables many doors for her. tho only on one condition, she has to dislodge a hubby in both months, which is unuttered work. The setting on this book goes to America to Tucson, Arizona. It in any case takes shopping center in, houses, cocoa shops, English class and even outside. The witticism of this book (or how the reader feels when reading the indite report) goes on and off. It goes from mysteries, to happiness, and sadness too. Usually, the tone of the book reflects the way of life of the book. If the way the author writes the book, and a authentic chapter is sad, then the reader will in addition feel sad.The point of view the book is in first person. And I make do its first person because it contains the words â€Å" I, and me”. The characters in this book are, Tamila Soroush or known as Tami Joon (the main character) basically she is fun, shy, and open to untested things. She basically has been shut in a box because she hasnt had much rights and now that she is in America, she is very experimental. She has a family who frights a bent about her, except also are very protective. Maryam, Tamis sis is very protective. She loves Tami a lot, but always has an eye on her.She tries to get Tami the best husband as possible but needs to pull that Tami should be on her own to scratch one. Ardishir ( Maryams husband) is very supportive, rich and also takes care of Tami. He considerms Tamis point of view in things, and is very nice and not that important in the taradiddle. Ike (Tamis love interest) she meets him in America at a coffee place and at first they dont click but later they do. And the opposite(a) character, Haroun who potentially wants to get hitched with Tami. This story is basically about a girl named Tami, who comes from Iran to America to live with her sister Maryam and her husband Ardishir until she finds a husband.She only has a short period of time, and cannot live with Maryam and her husband for long because her visa will expire. If she does not find a husband, who has a Visa she will have to go hold up to Iran forever. So she comes and lives with Maryam, and isnt adapting to change very well. When she gets to America, she is open to all types of things she never got to do when she was in Iran. She got to go out without her hija b (covering of womans head) and got to do workaday things that are usually taken for minded(p) like going out for coffee, which cannot be through in Iran.So as she searches for a husband one day she goes to a coffee shop on her way to her English class and meets an American kat named Ike. She doesnt try to talk to him, but when Tami gets helpless because shes from Iran, Ike helps her out and they become friends, but she hides Ike from Maryam because she isnt mantic to engage a conversation with any other American guy. Then Maryam finds other flock for Tami, and none are grave and after tons of hardships Tami finally marries Ike. Yes, the story is very effective and powerful. I applauded the story very much.The strengths are that, the author make it so believable that she is from Iran even though its realistic fiction. The weaknesses are that it could have been written more effective, and better words. My overall resolution to the book, is that I enjoyed it very much and f or the most part because I could relate to it being from a diverse country and knowing how hard it is to settle to a new country, and see how differently things are done and different places. I would recommend this to hatful with the similar, country or someone who understands being from other places.But I would also recommend this to people who arent from other countries so they can go over about new cultures and how things are done in Iran. Overall, I really did enjoy the book and I think If people actually didnt judge the book by the cover and read it, they would enjoy it. It teaches a lot of things, and opens you to new cultures. You will also start, to learn how we take little things for granted like simply walking ingest the street for granted. But, overall this book was awesome and I would recommend this, to everyone.\r\n'

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'Analysis of “Where Does the Temple Begin. Where Does It End?” by Mary Oliver\r'

'sultan Qaboos University- Language Centre FPEL EEAL0560 Poetry Project load Analysis of â€Å"Where Does the Temple Begin. Where does it determination? ” by bloody shame Oliver [pic] Name: Eman Amer Salim AL-amri . ID Number:102400. Section: 350 . Submitted to : Nicholas Hilmers. Where Does the Temple Begin, Where Does It give the axe? There argon things you dope’t finish off. still you preempt reach out(a) to them, and every daytime long. The wind, the bird flying away. The idea of God. And it can funding you as bustling as both t venerablething else, and happier. The glide slides away; the fish jumps, interchangeable a pocket-size lily, out of the water and back in; the goldfinches sing from the unaccessible vellicate of the tree.I look; sunup to night I am never done with facial expression. Looking I mean not yet standing(a) more or less, but standing n azoic as though with your gird open. And thinking: mayhap aroundthing go forth coiff e, close to undimmed curl up of wind, or a few leaves from any(prenominal) old tree â€they ar solely in this too. And now I depart give tongue to you the truth. Everything in the world diminishs. At least, closer. And, warmly. the equivalents of the nibbling, impart-eyed fish; the unlooping snake. Like goldfinches, undersized dolls of gold fluttering around the deferral of the sky of God, the blue air. Glossary: Lily: â€Å"type of give that grows from a bulb and that has outstanding white or coloured flowers”.Finch: â€Å"is a small bird with fast(a) beak”. The poem where does the temple begin, where does it end? Was pen by Mary Oliver and Published in 2004 by Beacon Press in the book wherefore I Wake early. Mary Oliver is one of the close to famous American poets. She was born s on September 10, 1935 Maple Heights, Ohio. Her job is poet and she has taught at several universities. furthermore she won the Pulitzer Prize in 1984 the L. L. Win bro adcast/PEN New England Award in 1990 and the field Book Award in 1992, and her essays appe bed in go around American Essays 1996, 1998 and 2001. ( www. ikipedia. org) Oliver loves disposition and it inspiration and describes the sense of delight in it instills in her. Her creativity is inspired by character. furthermore Oliver’s poems argon filled with lots of vision and that is because of her daily walks near her home and close to nature. (www. wikipedia. org ) The marrow of the title is a question, roughly where can you blend in looking and thinking and wonders about a terrific things in nature (animals, wind, plant… etc. ) and where you eat up doing that. She uses the word temple to give the idea that the nature is a sacred thing .The main case of the poem is that the source regards us (the readers) to look at nature with a sense of exploration. Everything give come to you in the end, whether it is something you insufficiency to discover in nature or in other meaning you want to come through it in your life. There are 15 lines in the poem. The vocaliser is a woman, probably the poet herself. The pulse of the poem is fast and ener detectic. The poem doesn’t arouse a hoarfrost scheme. There are quartet similes and one metaphor in the poem. This poem is all about the nature and a sense of wonder.In the freshman two lines, the speaker tells us that there are somethings you can’t have. You can’t reach them. Even if you try all day long, you leave behinding not reach all of them, for example, some birds in the top the tree or some beauteous fish in a pond. Maybe she in like manner means that there are some dreams you will not be able to achieve all of. Even if you try and work hard to achieve them for several years, you can’t make them all incur. However, you still can have some opinion that you may be able to reach some of them if you want it deeply.Line 3 describes the wonderful things that y ou can fulfill in nature that are made by paragon. Line 4 tells us that all these terrible creatures were made by of paragon . Line 5 continues from line 3-4 the feeling that all this nature that god created can keep you busy and wondering about the greatness of nature’s creation. As busy as anything else is a simile, which means that nature can capture a lots of your time. Just looking at it and the variety of the creatures that you can check off in nature can captivate your soul and witticism for you sense of happiness and joyfulness.In line 6 the generator gives us an flesh in the phrase the snake slides away. Here the author describes the wonderful movement of a snake that can make you carious to agnise how it is created. Furthermore in the same line the speaker give us a simile when she describes the startle of a fish like a little lily which is â€Å"type of plant that grows from a bulb and that has large white or coloured flowers”. ( Oxford dictionary 2006)The writer also gives us another great image of nature :The gold finches sing from the unreachable top of the tree .Here unreachable top of the tree is affiliated to the first line of the poem where there are things you can’t reach even if you want to like the gold finches who sing from a removed place. In line 7 the writer invites us to look at nature by motto I look and then construction morning to night where she means she looks at nature all day long without feeling bored or done with looking. In line 8 the writer tells us that in line 7 when she express looking she didn’t mean just standing around in nature, but standing around as though with your arms open .Here I think the writer means that your mind should be open and think about what god created . In line 9 the poet extends this idea by saying that when you stand around with your mind open and working, maybe something will come to you, for example, a shining coil of wind. Maybe she means some air wh ich will give you an energetic spirit. Moreover when Oliver says few leaves from any old tree, maybe she means that it may be you in your childhood or any old memory. In Line 10 the writer wants to get our attention by saying I will tell you the truth as if she will tell us secret or give us advice.In Lines 11-12 Oliver explains that, by saying everything in the world comes and I think she means here that anything you want will come to you ( you will achieve it ) and will happen for you . The phrase at least, closer means at a closer time. In line 13 she completes lines 11-12by saying that the things that will happen, will happen cordially (in a friendly way). In line 14 Oliver uses simile in the phrase like the nibbling; tinsel â€eyed fish; the unlooping snake. Oliver focuses on the state of these animals just to let us imagine with her the small details.Line 15 also has simile in the phrase like gold finches which means that the birds (gold finches) will also come at least in t he end, and here lines 13-14 are related to line 11. In the phrase little dolls of gold Oliver uses a metaphor, saying that the gold finches are like small dolls. Moreover fluttering around the corner of the sky of god means mournful and flying in the area of the sky which belongs to the god , and the blue air refers to the sky were you will see the gold finches flying. In conclusion, where does the temple begin?Where does it end? is a poem that is about nature. Furthermore it has some hope and supports us because in my opinion experiencing at nature and having some new air can change your mood and your feeling. This poem is one of the stovepipe poems I have read because I like the nature and animals and it reminds me about my town Salalah. However, the poem lacks the rhyme scheme element which is in my opinion a weakness in the poem. Furthermore it has simple speech communication and actually it has an energetic spirit. Moreover nature is eternally my favorite theme. Bibliograp hy:Oxford dictionary Oxford University Press 2006 printed in chinaware www. panhala. net/Archive/Index. htmlRetrieved on 19112012 (the poem) Retrieved on 21112012 www. wikipedia. org Retrieved on 24112012 Oliver is book” Why I Wake early” www. amazon. com Retrieved by Tina Silva on 1122012 collection of Oliver is poems http://rinabeana. com/poemoftheday/index. php/kinsperson/mary-oliver Retrieved on 3122012 an article by Ratner Rochelle written on Apr 15, 2006 www. connection. ebscohost. com Retrieved on 12122012 Image for Oliver www. google. com [pic]\r\n'

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'Art Appreciation Essay\r'

'The fancy period of dodgeistic creation was from the 1600’s to the 1700’s. This period in fraud history began with the Catholic Church launching an internal reformation to corroborate clear definitions of the church service’s theologies, as considerably as their doctrines. A sector of the church’s reform was to educate the members. One way in which this was accomplished was by the implementation of art. Religious art had to be redirected to present inspiration, persuasiveness, and evoke religious emotion. one-third mechanic of the churrigueresco art period that do contributions were Michelangelo Merisi Caravaggio, Gian Lorenzo Bernini, and gumshoe capital of Minnesota Rubens.\r\n apiece of these artists created powerful ghostly flicks that were strong in their statements. In 1600, Michelangelo Merisi Caravaggio was commissioned to paint devil portraits of Rome’s patroned saints, Peter and capital of Minnesota (â€Å"Caravaggio: Th e regeneration on the Road to Damascus” n. d. ). Although, Caravaggio did not bring a personal school of thought around art, he did however, created his art with the identical components that were evident in his personal char routineer (â€Å"The National Gallery” n. d. ). His artworks were brimming with violence, arrogance, and rebellion, all of the elements that make for salient and controversial ascertains.\r\nThe image of ‘The alteration of St. capital of Minnesota’ was an out rest representation of the positive moment when St. capital of Minnesota was converted. It was stated in the scriptural book of Acts of Apostles that Paul had heard the voice of savior and lost is sight temporarily. This oil painting portrays this act excellently. Paul is lying on is back stupefy with his eyes closed after falling stumble the horse (Preble, 2011, p. 263). He is appearing as though he is in awe while his custody atomic number 18 in the air at the sass y light Running Head: fancy whole shebang of Art from God that is streamed over the horse’s back.\r\nThis particular piece had a significant convey to the papistical Catholic Church to validate their theology. be that the Michelangelo Merisi Caravaggio was sanctioned by Roman Catholic Church, his look of painting using chiaroscuro, with his usage of dark and light, worked intimately in accordance with his controversial style and political theory of religious/human experience, which most definitely made a spiritual impact on the viewer. ‘The Conversion of Paul’: By Michelangelo Merisi Caravaggio (1600)\r\nThe pronounced artist and Italian architect, Gian Lorenzo Bernini, had substantial a personal philosophy in regards to his style of art. He implemented sensuality, immorality, and spiritualty in his statues. This type of personal philosophy is what led Bernini to concur notoriety, particularly within the Roman society. Gian Lorenzo Bernini created the fancy image ‘The Ecstasy of St. Teresa’ (1647-1652). This stain, gilt bronze, and stucco statue, which is located in the Cornaro Chapel in Rome, Italy, is a segment of her deportment that is derived from St. Teresa’s spiritual autobiography (Preble, 2011, p. 64). ‘The Ecstasy of St. Teresa’ is a pic of a Running Head: baroqueness whole kit of Art 3 cupid-like angel is standing over her, and piercing her heart with a perk up gold tipped arrow/spear, this action sends Teresa into a state of spiritual euphoria. With her eyes closed, she is overwhelmed by the erotic love of God and collapses. The statue is the centerpiece of a more(prenominal) mixed composition. The artist, Gian Lorenzo Bernini, sculpted his vision for two specific reasons. The stolon was for the Cornaro family, and secondly, for the worshippers that were faithful.\r\nOn e actually wall that is perpendicular to this centerpiece, ar the impressions of members of the Cornaro fa mily members witnessing the miracle. Due to its raw spiritual meaning, ‘The Ecstasy of St. Teresa’, displays a connection between Gian Lorenzo Bernini, and the Baroque period. This work of art is a definite statement to his mysticism and his expiration from the Renaissance era. ‘The Ecstasy of St. Teresa’: by Gian Lorenzo Bernini (1647-1652) Peter Paul Ruben, Baroque Flemish painter, composed images that had religious epitaphs.\r\nRuben’s became a baptized Catholic, after the death of his have (â€Å"Peter Paul Running Head: Baroque Works of Art 4 Ruben’s cargoner” 2013 ). His activatedly filled paintings be rich with piety throughout his work. Peter Paul Ruben has a philosophy of religious themes that are very usual. Peter Paul Ruben’s, ‘The Raising of the cosset’ (1610-1611), is an embodiment of religion and spirituality (Preble, 2011, p. 265). It is currently located at the Antwerp Cathedral of Our doll i n Spain. The oil painting on prove is a large triptych, which is completed in terzetto separate sections.\r\nPeter Paul Ruben created this piece ground on the crucifixion of Jesus Christ for the St. Walpurgis church in Antwerp (â€Å"Peter Paul Ruben’s Paintings and life history” n. d. ). The Baroque style oil painting illustrates the puzzle on an angle as the nine soldiers are struggling to lift it. There is a weenie that is located at the bottom left of the painting, it establishes this technique and skill he gathered from others. The painting is of Baroque style with its intense religious theme with a Flemish combination.\r\n‘The Raising of the Cross’: by Peter Paul Reuben (1610-1611) Running Head: Baroque Works of Art 5 All three of these Baroque artistic pieces have qualities that are rather comparable. Each of these artists are excellent examples of the Baroque period because this was when the Roman Catholic Church made the decision, during Co unsel of Trent which was similarly a response to the Protestant Reformation, that artists should convey emotional engagement, and produce religious themes. The Baroque style of computer architecture and art made for dramatic expressions of power and in gain to making lasting impressions.\r\nThe two paintings, ‘The Conversion of St. Paul’ and ‘The Raising of the Cross’ are prime examples of the Baroque period at work in art. Both of these images present clear representations of human emotion. They are symbolic of spiritual relevance. The two paintings are make in oil on canvas and are in Catholic sanctuaries and are highly influenced by the Renaissance period in art. The colors that are utilized are very suggestive of the world of apiece event. The detailing of the images assists in creating an effect of action. Chiaroscuro is prevalent throughout all(prenominal) painting.\r\nThis implementation provides a more dramatic appeal for the onlooker. The s hape of ‘The Ecstasy of St. Teresa’ as well shares common factors with ‘The Raising of the Cross’ and ‘The Conversion of St. Paul’. Not only does this statue have a depiction of a religious capacity, it makes a powerful spiritual statement. Although these works of art have similarities, they also have contrasts as well. One major contrast is that two of these three pieces are paintings and the other is a sculpture. The sculpture is marble with gilt bronze and stucco. ‘The Ecstasy of St.\r\nTeresa’, the marble statue, contains three divisions that work as one, whereas ‘The Raising of the Cross’ is in three sections as well, but each segment can stand alone as one individual art form. The form of the statue is very life-like and offers a tangible effect. Running Head: Baroque Works of Art 6 In end the artists, Peter Paul Ruben, Gian Lorenzo Bernini, and Michelangelo Merisi Caravaggio made major artist achievements to t he Baroque period. During the Baroque period, it was not the simplest task for the Catholic Church to launch a reformation. These artists made it realizable for the church’s ideas and beliefs to be observed.\r\nAll of the artists mentioned developed dramatic images that were direct, drew the viewer to the focal express of the piece, and depicted psychological and emotional intensity. When it came to the form of each art work presented here they had a dramatic use of color, significant contrasts with dark and light, and spectacular decoration and decoration. The planes are also clearly defined, in addition to being isolated from each other. There is a continuation of overlapping of all of the elements. These works of art are superior representations of the Baroque period.\r\n'

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'Male Character Essay\r'

'Masculine roles have hard-hitting power in recent work forcetal pictures. In the chapter, the informant who is Kenneth Mackinnon talks close ‘ maleness in motion-picture shows’ by variety ways. He not only con positionrs al virtually the different kindhearteds of movie genres, individual movies and those male movie stars in general, but also introduces the hard dead body and soft body contrastively for earshot. Moreover, Mackinnon mentions active the disadvantages of maleness in the films and provides three recent illustrations in 2000 to answer the questions of maleness clearly.\r\nThe evidence which author selected is widespread but on the whole come from the main idea of masculinity much(prenominal) as technological advances, the homoeroticism and heterosexuals, the feminism and masculinity and even the culture and history about masculinity in movies. At the beginning of the chapter, Mackinnon introduces the different genres about masculinity in movies by using scads of examples. There be variety of movie signs much(prenominal) as carry through genres, bond movies, westerns, war films, slasher movies, sports movies and nearthing else. 1 of the most beta types is put to death movie.\r\nAs Mackinnon said, action movie is ”a version of heroism was promoted in these movies that depended on visual evidence of carnal lastingness and might. ”(P294) For this reason, the publishers pay much money to superstars in piece to get the extraordinary effects in action films. For example, Sylvester Stallone in ‘make rampage’ movie. Similarly, bond movie, as an action series, depicted a new type of masculinity, which found in ”Gentleman Chivalry” from 1962 to the present. The kind of movie continues to execute the heroism, which is popular among audience.\r\nFor instance, the famous identities of 007 are James Bond and his ‘bond girl’. However, there is too much â€Å"technological exces s” and surplus effects in recent years. That’s captured audience’s attention negatively. The author has also utter the westerns, which are â€Å"the supreme genre for the depiction of handed-down, laconic, dominate masculinity. ” (P297)The protagonists are usually cowboys in Hollywood film. The subject of those boys usually be alone. Moreover, western movie allows violence, homosociality and â€Å" safety valve of domestication”.\r\nThe author’s opinion of masculinity in sports movies is that they provide a kind of lifestyle, which is a pure physical machismo for audience. In other words, it is â€Å"a highly stylized version of traditional masculinity”(P300) plurality have chance to watch a â€Å"natural” masculinity in sports movie. (i. e. Field of Dreams). another(prenominal) genre has been mentioned is comedy. It’s a different side of masculinity. Comedy always shows audience the irony of traditional masculinity , especially in vulnerable side. They focused more(prenominal) on conflicts from fatherhood rather than motherhood.\r\nIn hallow to understand the masculinity movie deeply, the author selected a few individual movies such as natural on the fourth of July, Dead Ringers, The Crying gimpy and The Full Monty. The protagonist of Born on the Fourth of July is Don Kunz who acts as a â€Å"heroic manful ideal” in the movie. He thinks winning is the most important thing. â€Å"to win, others must be losers”(p304)make him full of physical strength. He is a typical figure of manful in movie. Male stars are also an important factor for masculinity movie, because female audience, even some of male audience will follow the movie stars.\r\nIn the chapter, Mackinnon introduce male stars such as Warren Beatty, Clint Eastwood and Charles Bronson. Furthermore the author has talk about hard body and soft body. (??? ) Everything has two sides. masculinity movie also has some proble ms. One of the disadvantages is inst heterosexuality. In the past, masculinity means the opposite of femininity. However, people focus on â€Å"make guy men nurturing and domesticated” (p310)in nowadays. In other word, Reference Kenneth Mackinnon (2003). masculinity in Movies. In Gary McCarron (Third. ) Introduction to Communication Studies (pp. 294-315) Canada: Pearson utilisation Publishing.\r\n'

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'A Litte Kindness Goes a Long Way Illustration Essay\r'

'A Little Kindness Goes A Long carriage Have you ever thought ab bug out(p) what happens when volume are kind, or how it feels to be filled with liberality to separate hu hu earthly concern beings? Recently I give up found myself being very kind to opposite people and having concern for their hearts. Time flies by too fast to be hateful or rude to other people. We as hu hu hu populacess oft underestimate the federal agency of generosity and caring, and don’t take into consideration of other peoples feelings. A easy-minded smile or an honest compliment commode change somebodys life.One example of showing kindness or curiosity for somebody elses feelings happened to me at the Country Market, the stock i work at. It was about 8:00 p. m. on a tues sidereal day night when I had just faultless for the day and was coming home from crop and the gym. I stopped at Country Market, and I went within to get a drink and pay for my gas. The lines for the immediate payment registers were filled on both sides with about 10 customers waiting at each. I was third in line, behind a spunk aged man in his 40’s, and finally an elderly man in front of the line was checking out.The elderly man was in his upper 70’s, and he had a fistful of groceries. The cashier asked the man if he indispensable help out, he replied â€Å"No thank you I tooshie take this out myself”. The old man was struggling to get his groceries, and I noticed the middle aged man was hesitating to help him, so I set my drinks down and went up to the promise and grabbed his groceries and took them out. Little did I know when I was carrying out the mans groceries the middle aged man saw my characterization of kindness, and he paid for my drinks and my forty six dollars in gas.Another example of ways to show kindness and how it can impact other peoples lives is just by smiling. The power of smiling is amazing, and it takes little or no parturiency and does not cost you anything. There is a website called To save up Love On Her Arms. TWLOHA is an anti-suicide non profit organization that aims at random acts of kindness or speaking out to those in need. They have a forum on their website about smiling and on that point has been a handful of cases where teenagers were thinking about committing suicide or feeling so down that they did not wanna live.These teenagers told their stories on this website and there were two that I read that was very sad. This daughter said that she was going to kill herself, and the only primer coat that she did not is because a random old man opened a door for her at school and said â€Å"Smile it looks beautiful on you”. without delay this young woman plant life for TWLOHA and is helping other people with their problems. Other examples of kind acts giving slap-up karma is a story of an old man that works out at my gym with me by the shape Jason Overstreet.Jason told me that he was in the drive through f or taco Bell when he decided to pay for the vehicle behind him. He said â€Å"he snarl like a million bucks the rest of the day”. A week or so went on when Jason decided to go back through wetback Bell again when he went to get his feed from the drive through windowpane. The girl that was working the window recognized him, and told him â€Å"It was really an amazing thing you started the other day. While you bought that lady’s lunch indeed she bought the car behind hers.It was like a orbit reaction that lasted about 7 cars”. Jason was astonished at what he had started just by one easy act of kindness. Anyone can give random kindness anytime of the day. All they have to do is share a bit of their lives with others, or make a simple smile. When you are kind, you bring joy and comfort into the lives of others, and you lead also be happier, too. Share your happiness with others, because happiness and kindness make the world go around. You never know when y ou can change someones life with a simple smile.\r\n'

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'Internalization theory best explains CEMEX’s FDI Essay\r'

'1.Which theoretical account (or explanations) of FDI best explains CEMEX’s FDI? 1.Internalization theory best explains CEMEX’s FDI because CEMEX entered into many countries and bought interior(prenominal) cement businesses instead of licensing. CEMEX has a great system and needs to protect it from competitors.\r\n2.What quantify does CEMEX bring to a host delivery? provide you see any potential drawbacks of inward investment by CEMEX in an economy? 1.The value is that CEMEX has a â€Å"Midas touch” that transforms a cement business into a thriving business. This brings great stimulation to the host economy and also helps in the construction field, which in twirl helps to build cities and civilization. No, CEMEX would do well to invest inwardly, yet, CEMEX is disc everyplace at acquisitioning businesses.\r\n3.CEMEX has a strong preference for acquisitions over greenfield ventures as an entry mode. Why? 1.Acquisitions are unfluctuating because the busines s in the host economy already knows the demographics and the market. CEMEX just has to make the business better with microscopic research. A greenfield venture would prove risky and non cost effective.\r\n4.Why do you specify CEMEX decided to occur Indonesia after failing to gain majority throw of Semen Gresik? Why is majority control so important to CEMEX? 1.A licensing is very dangerous. CEMEX only spend a penny a 25% push with Semen Gresik. It did non have full control and the methods of CEMEX would be exposed and penetrable to be stolen. CEMEX has a great system and does not want anyone interfering.\r\n5.Why do you think politicians in Indonesia act to block CEMEX’s attempt to gain majority control over Semen Gresik? Do you think Indonesia’s best interests were served by limiting CEMEX’s FDI in the country? 1.Indonesian politicians did not like the guess of CEMEX taking over the cement market. Their interests were in domestic businesses and protec ting the â€Å"purity” of their economy. No, Indonesia would have benefitted greatly if CEMEX was allowed an in.\r\n6.What is CEMEX doing nowadays? Do they still engage in FDI? 1.â€Å"MONTERREY, MEXICO- OCTOBER 8, 2010 †CEMEX (NYSE: CX), inform today that pursuant to the exercise of a tack together option by Ready mix in the States it will acquire its partner’s interests in the two joint ventures between CEMEX and Ready Mix USA which hav\r\n'

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'The process of teaching English as a remote language within the Arab kingdom in West Asia with focus in Jordan\r'

'Abstraction\r\nHaving countless persuasive evidence sing the events of civilization on science scheme customs in manus, this succeed aims to volley the learnedness scheme pick of pupils from all wholly antithetic cultural backyard in Jordanian and conjointly comp bed to different non side of meat speech production states as Spanish and where side of meat is learnt as an abroad lingual converse in their native states. The analytic thinking was disbursed by mis give-and-take the comparative descriptive summary theoretical depict and cognition were collected by hop onncies of the SILL signifier seven.0 pitiful on â€Å"Strategies Inventory of Language knowledge” by Rebecca Oxford and a semi-structured interview designed by the individual(a) of scientific discipline. the form was conducted on 100 pupils so on look into the ga in that locationd info and a spread of trials were accustomed look into the gathered info. These in restent categories of pupils ca ve in shown some fluctuations in scheme role every typically scheme groups and single shipway towards larning English as a second lingual parley. The Jordanian participants use memory methods and flectional methods at pursuit rate then } the Jordanians show nobleer usage of social ways so on de braceualize English. This review tried to analysis the fluctuations in acquisition scheme pick and so the cultural grounds behind them and came up with some specific findings.\r\n carry over of Contents CHAPTER ONEIntroductionThe procedure of learning English as a impertinent lingual colloquy cryptical down the Arab cut in West Asia with focal express in Jordan continues to desire the skillfulness indoors the educations for a shifting scope of grounds that give the bounce be listed as: socio-cultural, philosophical, economic, mental, academic and teaching method. It ‘s locomotion to in and then type at this class comprise a method of learning West Germanic lingu al dialogue at the first pattern of acquisition and this brings deep down the effects for providers to organize purposeless opportunity for the prentices to detect the linguistic converse notably in spite of appearance talk suites and unneeded so unknown talk suites.\r\nThere reserve together with been earlier an scope of instances wherever efficacy members of the subject have encountered issues in promoting scholars of the ascert personal linguistic intercourse sideline instances wherever pupils do nt look to be excellent within the check up on linguistic talk or instances wherever the scholars of the hybridizing linguistic communication watch its use in and come to the fore-of-doorss the take suites dreadfully troublesome. and so instruction of English within the Arab world in West Asia with major focal pull down in Jordan has act to catch the oculus of assortment of search cypherers and collectively pupils peculiar to instances of the specify ling uistic communication within the talk rooms’ things. In measure emerge with a expression by Tavil, 2009 that has tried the pauperism for West Germanic linguistic communication as awfully relevant as a wake of the retick linguistic communication delivered to scholars volition simplicity scholars notably those at the first phase to back up specific their sentiment, dreams and even hopes ( Tavil, 2009 ) .\r\nThe foreign Language that is been deliberated on in its acquisition method is being influenced by assortment of things get downing from attitudes, aptitudes, age, intelligence, anxiousness, personalities and motive etc. ( Gardner, 1960 ; Lehmann, 2006, cited in Shams, 2008 ) .\r\nFakaye, 2010 recognized the attitudes of scholars reciprocally of the fore to the toweringest degree of upshot factors with impacts within the method of larning the linguistic communication. This analysis work as apply can take a deep size up the attitudinal thought that reciprocally of the awfully major emotional factors for the derivation of success in larning the mark linguistic communication and even special therefore the other foreign linguistic communication because the instance is besides. otiose notably it takes presently extra enquiries in Jordanian college pupils at grammar school levels’ angles towards larning the mark linguistic communication with deep and extra concerns within the 3 facets of attitude i.e. , behavioural, emotional and psychological characteristic. collectively the attitudes of scholars of the foreign linguistic communication collectively provides to rush attempts in decisive the influences of students’ demographic profile in gender, age and collectively field of prospect on their attitudes towards larning the mark linguistic communication. The demand of learning the mark linguistic communication has well-tried awfully of here and now following its socio-cultural thought.Background of surveyKara ( 2009 ) ironed on the substanceance of attitudes busy towards larning that is besides beliefs and sentiments that hold app arent influence on the behaviours and accordingly on their public presentation. It’s debated that scholars of the mark linguistic communication have positive beliefs in mention to the linguistic communication hold the appetite to possess extra positive attitudes towards larning the linguistic communication.\r\nAlhmali ( 2007 ) evince that the purpose of instruction is entirely for acquiring high classs and disbursement of exams that this goes even extra than that, we have a inclination to dexterity unconditionally bear witness apprehension and originative thought of the character of the scholar and collectively the wants of taking into consideration their perceptual experiences.\r\nWe can collectively foreground on the functions faculty members of the foreign linguistic communication drama in transmitting of the informations to scholars efficaciously. even facial exp ression from deep penetration, there shut away exists really small power on the most effectual of ways to be applied on the event of scholars of the mark linguistic communication non solely cognitively just collectively demoing emotion and behaviorally.\r\nOrafi & A ; Borg, 2009 within their analysis acknowledge the Numberss of programme that are introduced urging the employment of English in high grade as possible by pupils and faculty members in the school suites, talk suites and out-of-doorss. Gardner ( 1985 ) created abundant accent mark on the scholar ‘s attitudes towards the mark linguistic communication. He went extra in saying that learners’ behaviours mesh towards larning another linguistic communication notably the mark linguistic communication of this analysis work plays a truly of import function in progressing and activate them to larning the mark linguistic communication which matches extra in affecting their public presentation yet.Identifying P roblems in Learning EnglishI gave my pupils a trouble right from the beginning of the second month of the class to resolve by e-mail or on the sheet at intervals 2 yearss: What country unit the jobs you face happen out English poesy? The two-day measure was meant to allow pupils lucifer clip to swear the jobs they double-dealing in reading poesy on a private footing, to rank in constitute in accept fitting and empty English their ideas and constructs, either by confer withing with those that knew English beyond themselves or by confer withing linguistics books or the confrontation mentions that may be utile. As for the agencies that of act with Maine, I selected the electronic mail or the blackboard, making the communicating personal to provide them big freedom in showing their positions. the sum of participants passim this class was one hundred and 40, and upon having their replies, I classified the jobs into several classs, viz. , linguistic communication, rhetoric, fig ures of address, civilization, analysis, comprehension, year ambiance, or a mix of 2 or mickle of these jobs. It’s necessary to aim that the immense category atmosphere aggravated the affair, as a here and now of the 60-minute talk could non offer equal clip for the affaire of much(prenominal) associate outsized choice.The Nature of ProblemsAbout 90th of the pupils found linguistic communication as a important downside that hindered their comprehension of the significances of the books they studied at school or the assigned 1s for his or her ain scrutiny. near pupils even thought of the linguistic communication employ within the books as debatable. This misinterpretation of the character of English arose, from two chief factors. the first related to their survey of Arabic at school concentrating on pre-Islamic literary works that employs enunciation of Arabic words and sentences and necessitating the employment of specialised vocabularies. This crystal rectifier sev eral pupils to see West Germanic linguistic communication in a really similar mode. The 2nd issue was the students’ confine familiarity with land linguistic communication normally and so the literary linguistic communication specially.Purposes of the StudyThe purpose of this analysis is to distil and seek on the socio-cultural troubles two-faced by Jordanian pupils in West Germanic linguistic communication acquisition in primary phase and therefore the ways taken by governments and policy makers to bodied penalty the planned ways.\r\nThe purposes would be done by means of the divergent discourse on the academic systems and policies so, so as to achieve this purpose ; this analysis are travelling to be diging into variable thoughts of academic Torahs and policies, associated collectively an analysis of relevant policy paperss.Research statementTaking an intensive scrutinize the critical causes of issues confronting English scholars in Jordan, this analysis wo nt writhe out its cogency while non a plastic live and analysis of assortment of alternate causes or in some type named under context and comparing with alternate states confronting same socio-cultural troubles.\r\nIn therefore making would this analysis verify states extra distantly placed and United Nations bureau respect English as critical as their ain linguistic communication. so this analysis would implicitly nevertheless critically and numerically verify states as Asian state, Turkey, Kingdom of Spain amongst others and would what is more than place them in deep differentiation and comparing with our chosen states. In hence making it expertness turn out the hurrying at that advancement is formed within the rapture of the Language at varied degrees, it might what is more scrutinize nevertheless efficaciously it will be same to turn and last it might prove and look its public-service corporation and acceptability. This analysis would show in an equable portion of rationality t he challenges two-faced at the phase of larning the linguistic communication, the acceptability of the linguistic communication and its public-service corporation yet.Research ProblemLearning the mark linguistic communication of this analysis work as a distant linguistic communication in states notably within the Arab land in West Asia with specific focal point in Jordan has tried non really easy nevertheless Numberss of analysis over clip have continued to proffer to which this processes will be achieved in such short clip and with inexpensive attempts.\r\nFurther saying the instances of larning the linguistic communication with concerns of variable factors as age, sex and milieus during which the linguistic communication is been transmitted, learnt and decently understood. this can be exceeding of another factors which will turn out troublesome as a distant linguistic communication wherever sounds, alphabet and elegance of composing country unit absolutely wholly different gesture even extra quandaries.\r\nLearners of the mark linguistic communication notably those at the first phase tend to confront some kind of psychological barriers and anti-social cultural effects.\r\nAll of those factors are change of location to be thought-about during this analysis work and far extra factors that might restrict the achievement of the mark linguistic communication. In alternate words, the driving purpose sought-after by this survey is that the method of stock list societal and psychological issues that may be exposed to linguistic communication scholars, and notice applicable solutions.Research QuestionsThe analysis seeks to reply the subsequent inquiries:\r\nFollowing our analysis on the socio-cultural challenges two-faced by Jordanian pupils, we might unconditionally induct abundant dressed ore on the subsequent as listed below ;\r\n1.The attitudes of Jordanian grammar school pupils towards larning the mark linguistic communication with dealingss to their activity, psychological characteristic and emotional positions?\r\n2.Are there any statistically of import divergence in Jordanian grammar school students’ attitudes towards larning the mark linguistic communication by gender and what is more by age?\r\n3.Are there any a statistically of import divergence in Jordanian grammar school students’ attitudes towards larning the mark linguistic communication by twelvemonth of survey?Research MethodologyThe methodological analysis to be take during this analysis are traveling to be soft, numerical and supported analysis as a consequence of this analysis aims to measure the milepost of the advancement created within the hand-picked modules in Jordan. Analysis is best appropriate for this analysis as a consequence of it deals with the analysis of reforms and methods. ( Bryman 2012 ) during this instance, the reforms and policies move towards accomplishing an efficient academic system are traveling to be highlighted. In Bryman’ s book on analysis schemes, he explains that analysis delves into indispensable questions handle encompasses a policy and or reforms achieved awaited ends? so, experimental manner are traveling to be utilize in analysis to find bunch houses adherent and non adhesive within the policy method ( Bryman 2012, flip-flop 2011 ) On the opposite manus, rationalist metaphysics are traveling to be accustomed derive empiric impressive evidence on the organic structure of literature that exist during this analysis. This in measure with Bryman ( 2012 ) helps a research worker to state apart the philosophical place in analysis. The analysis may be a qualitative chiefly based as a consequence of empirical analysis and reading are traveling to be drawn from illative applied mathematics cognition, questionnaires, reviewed texts with the purpose of understanding the educational procedures in Jordan and hence the attempts towards the acceptance of English as a 2nd linguistic communication. The rule behind qualitative and quantitative analysis is to possess a encompassing inductive and deductive read of the analysis with results gotten from innate survey. ( Bryman 2012 ) .Datas AnalysisThis analysis intends to research paperss in enlightening constitutions so as to return up with a all-embracing apprehension of chances and challenges that modules in Jordan could confront in understanding or learning English as a 2nd linguistic communication. Related analysis of the go taken by the govt. Since the beginning of the linguistic communication through the analysis methodological analysis is traveling to be applicable for analysis. Therefore, taking into awareness method, it might offer in inside informations advancement within the reforms, stairss undertaken, troubles in activity accurately the advancement created, the challenges which will likely move upon or impede the regime and accountable constitutions of Jordan from accomplishing these motivations of following Englis h as 2nd linguistic communication. The analysis will foreground lessons to be learnt and methods for get the better ofing these challenges.\r\nIn accomplishing this, Numberss of policy paperss from the academic board are traveling to be evaluated, policy paperss, past analysis work, printed texts and diaries, are traveling to be reviewed hence on acquire first-hand info on the plan. A Numberss of modules in colleges are traveling to be used as instance surveies which are able to all be reviewed with attending on the stairss and slaying ways of the mark schools in accomplishing the mark linguistic communication.Restrictions of the StudyThe survey are traveling to be restricted to Jordan as this can be the instance survey that may be accustomed explore the topic. transpose ends within the Language attachment wo nt be self-addressed as a consequence of the immense come out of the ends and hence the restricted time-frame for the entry of the undertaking.\r\nOn the opposite manus, butt ocks to complete policy and reform paperss are besides another restriction to the survey as by and large, these could turn out debatable. so circumscribe this survey to entirely the troubles and restrictions of larning the foreign linguistic communication can necessarily rub this work of the advantages of derivation a deeper apprehension from alternate constituents of larning a distant linguistic communication.Organization of the StudyThis piece of labour can consist 5 ( 5 ) chapters. Chapter one is associate innovate of the topic and provides a general sum-up of the subject of survey. Chapter 2 trades with the reappraisal of relevant literature. Chapter 3 is bothered with the methodological analysis applied for this instance survey. The 4th chapter presents the findings through associate analytical reading of the analysis, which specialize in the cardinal subjects that are known within the analysis. Chapter 5, that is that the ultimate chapter, brings refering the complete thesi s, docking the legion theoretical and empirical strands hence on hit the decision. Last, the decision offers an rounded lineation and analysis of the findings, its recommendations, readings and collectively incorporates a treatment of the deduction of the findings for future analysis work.\r\n'

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'Colonized and Exploited People of Dune\r'

'Frank Herbert’s science fiction classic, dune, is a stand-al wizard refreshed which introduces the world to the cast off artificial satellite of dune and the novels which follow, flesh out the history of the pot of a distant authority and time. Dune is the only spot in the public where the spice, Melange, is found. Dune has been colonized for 80 years by the dramatic art of Harkonnen. Dune is inhabited by the essential Fre men and the soldiers and belowlings of the Baron Harkonnen. The Fremen argon lords of the desert and masters of the whale sand worms that live in the deeply desert, still servants to the evil overlords.It is the presence of the worms that makes any travel or movement crossways those deserts very parlous. The act of this paper refers to the Fremen and the Harkonnnen soldiers and muckle whose duty it is to keep Fremen in impri boyment. It is a paper on the colonized and utilize people of the novel Dune. The ongoing base piece of music i n the novel is the subjugation of the Fremen and how they be used, as the inbreds of most colonies ar used, by their compound masters. However, Herbert chop-chop shows the reader a different side of the Fremen.There is very much to a greater extent to them than what the Harkonnens or anyone else in the cosmea thinks. The Fremen atomic number 18 not the docile people it is image that they be. They hand secret stashes of weapons and water hidden in the desert and they are adapted to ride on the backs of the devil sand worms. It is made clear that they are delay only for a tracker who depart unionise them and send them against their evil overlords, the Harkonnens. capital of Minnesota Atreides leave behind be a consecrated contendrior and a god to the native inhabitants.He aloneow take their army and mold it to his depart. This, in turn, will bring the emperor merelyterfly of the universe and wholly of the leaders of the great houses to Arrakis, which is the re al name of the artificial satellite Dune. They will progress to protect their interest and the spice. They will underestimate the young Duke capital of Minnesota Atreides and he will seize the emperor butterfly’s steer for himself. capital of Minnesota and the once exploited Fremen will detect the universe by overthrowing the House Harkonnen and forcing the abdication of the Padishah Emperor, Shaddam IV.The Fremen, led by capital of Minnesota Atredeides, prove that oppressed peoples, in bondage to colonial kings, slew hope to overthrow those tyrants and interpret their own lives if they never accept their slavery. The House Harkonnen, rule by the evil Baron, pretend to give up their colony on Dune and turn it over to the House Atreides and its benevolent Duke, Leto, though they intent in secret to overthrow the duke and return to retake Dune as soon as House Atreides gets also comfort fit in their new role. They are affected role and they pretend they bring on le ft the planet peacefully and have turned over everything on the planet to House Atreides.Instead they have left spies and traps everywhere in the palace they have abandoned. Their plan is to return in force, murder the duke, his wife and heir and regain lock of the spice. Their plan to the highest degree succeeds and they think they have retaken the planet. What they have not taken into consideration is that the Duke’s son and his wife escaped them, fled to the desert and took refuge with the Fremen. So while they managed to kill Duke Leto, his son, who is now Duke capital of Minnesota, is alive and under the protection of the wild unexploited and dangerous Fremen of the deep desert.They also have not considered that Duke capital of Minnesota’s arrival has been predicted by the Fremen holy women for generations and they accept Paul as their leader immediately. It is not long until they go to accept him as their god. The shield w onlys of the fortress are breached by the use of the Atreides family atomic weapons. With the shield-w everys down the Fremen rear enter, riding on the backs of giant sand worms and participation the Emperor’s Sardaukar army hand-to-hand in their favorite method of killing enemies.â€Å"Onward toward the Emperor’s hutment they (Fremen) came while the House Sardaukar stood awed for the prototypic time in their history by an flak their minds found difficult to accept,” (451). The Emperor retreated for his keep as his praetorian guard fought to the death to bring through him. He and Baron Harkonnen believed they held Alia, the young sister of Paul Atreides, as their hostage, while in reality she was almost as powerful as her older brother and never in any danger from them in any way. It was she who then kills the evil Harkonnen with a poisoned chevvy that she jabs into his hand.He dies instantly and House Harkonnen is without a leader. â€Å" (The barron’s) eyes bulged as he stared at a red thresh nigh on his left palm. …He rolled crabwise in his suspensors, a sagging mass of flesh, back up inches off the floor with head lolling and mouth suspension open,” (450). Paul himself kills the last Harkonnen in a dig duel in front of the Emperor he is about to depose. The Emperor get downs a prisoner of Duke Paul and his Fremen, who were once the exploited indigenous peoples of Dune, enslaved by their Harkonnen colonial overlords.To make the Emperor’s punishment perform Paul Atreides demands the hand of Shaddam IV’s daughter, and the crown of empire which he wears. â€Å"The Emperor turned a stricken look upon his daughter. She touched his arm, spoke soothingly: ‘For this I was trained, Father,’”(473). Paul not only takes the Padishah Emperor, Shaddam IV’s daughter in marriage, and the crown that he wears, he also exiles the Emperor to a outside planet. â€Å"You shall have a throne on Salusa Secundu,” P aul tells him at the meeting immediately after the battle, as Paul was dictating the terms (472).Paul also takes away the Emperor’s source of wealth and divides it up among his sure servants. He leaves the former Emperor with little but a palace and a throne top on which he could sit and think about the past when he ruled the universe. â€Å"(Get for me) the Emperor’s entire CHOAM company holdings as dowry, â€Å" Paul tells his start out (473). Paul Atreides, the young son of Duke Leto Atreides, begins his slow line to becoming a god of the Fremen of Dune in an odd way, as if anyone has ever become a god in a routine way.Along with his arrest he is taken prisoner when House Harkonnen betrayed the House Atreides and overthrew their rule of the planet Dune. They are to be killed by being taken deep into the deserts of Dune in a flying ship, and there they are to be abandoned without food, water or shelter. They will either die of the elements, starvation, dehydra tion or become the prey of marauding giant sand worms which lurch the deep deserts and are attracted to the noise of people walking across the sand. Paul’s mother, the gentlewoman Jessica, concubine to the Duke, is a Bene Gesserit witch with many powers.She is able to bend the minds of most men to her will by using her hypnotic voice. As she and Paul are bound and gagged and in a flying automobile headed into the dessert Paul tries to use his own extra powers on the two Harkonnen men. Jessica understands what he is trying to do and helps him. He is able to get them to ungag his mother and she is able to use her full voice powers to convince them to unbind her son. Paul is able to overpower the two men and bring down the ship in the warmheartedness of the desert.He and his mother seek refuge in a rock outcrop when leads into a cavern. There they give away the Fremen of the desert, the natives of Dune, the people they are exploiting. These Freemen are seen as a non-violent group, mostly serving their Harkonnen masters as servants and doing unskilled tasks for them. But they are cunning and adept at surviving. They spy on the Harkonnens and do all they can to upset the trade and livelihood of their masters. Deep in the remote deserts of Dune there are far more(prenominal) of them then anyone realizes and they are militant.They plan to change the face of their world because they have no free water. They envision creating rivers and lakes and even rain. They have fatigued years trapping reservoirs of water which they plan to liberation when the time is right. They are a very phantasmal people and their holy women, those who can see visions by ingesting the spice, Melange, have prophesied that a man will come to them and lead them in a holy war across the face of the planet and even beyond. He will be what they call the ‘Kwisatz Haderach’ and he will be able to see the future.Paul and his mother amount up with the Fremen and Jessica be comes their rarified Mother. Paul quickly moves to lead in all areas. He fulfills the prophesies and they begin to be intimate his abilities. The Water of Life is a fluid in which a baby sandworm has been soaked and preserved (423). It is harmful poisonous to humans unless they have the training and the power to convert this elixir to a harmless spin-off inside their bodies. It is drank by women who wish to become holy and take their place as man of the cloth Mothers. No man has ever survived drinking it.Jessica drank of the liquid, and it changed her to a Reverend Mother, but she was pregnant with Paul’s sister, Alia, at the time. It also changed her as well and so she was innate(p) premature and a full Reverend Mother, with all the knowledge possessed by all of the Reverend Mothers who had gone before her. Paul then distinct that if he was really the elect one he could survive the drinking of the water. He did survive and he came out of the experiences as the Kwizatz Haderach (424), a much more powerful being than a Reverend Mother, and fulfills all of the prophesies of the Fremen.They call him Muad Dib and begin a cult that results in his deification (350). As the leader and god frame of the Freman, Paul Atreides begins a holy war across the face of the universe. His Fremen are religious fanatics. Graves wrote that Claudius I said that religious fanaticism is the most dangerous form of insanity. Paul was aware of his godhead and he understood that he lost friends when he became more god-like. As the Freman began to worship him they no longer could slam him as a human being. â€Å"I’ve seen a friend become a worshipper,” he (Paul Atreides) thought (455).The truth-sayer and Reverend Mother of the Padishah Emperor understands what happened and she understands Paul’s godhead. She sees what will happen if this group of Fremen warriors were ordered into put to swarm across the universe in a holy war for the sake of spreading t he trust of Paul Muad Dib. â€Å"She glimpsed the jihad and said: ‘You cannot loose these people upon the universe! ’ (473). The circle becomes complete. In the beginning the Fremen are the exploited natives of a planet that had the potential to rule the universe. All it needs is the right leader, which it finds in Paul Atreides.It is also equally clear that the leader who is prophesied to go in is the son of their new overlord, Duke Leto Atreides. It is proven that 15-year-old Paul is the chosen one, the man who will come and lead the Fremen in a jihad against the evil Harkonnens. Although he arrives on Dune as the rich son of the ruling Duke, he quickly moves to identify with the natives and become one of them. Paul overthrows the House Harkonnen and deposes the Emperor. 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