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COMMUNICATION IN BUSINESS-case study Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2750 words

COMMUNICATION IN BUSINESS-case study - Essay ExampleCultural dimensions like Power Distance Index (PDI), Individualism (IDV), masculinity (MAS), Uncertainty Avoidance Index (UAI), and Long-Term Orientation (LTO) etc can affect planetary business negotiation work at. Most of the societies argon unequal because of the variations in power occupyed by them and the different perceptions about the huge term and short term goals. Some societies do things collectively whereas separate societies do it individually. Moreover, some societies dole out males and females differently whereas some others treat them equally. The ability of some cultures or societies in avoiding uncertainty is more than other societies. Moreover, political, economical, social, technological, environmental and sub judice factors can also affect the cross cultural business negotiation process. The supranational negotiators should possess adequate knowledge about all these factors in hallow to conduct the nego tiation process in an effective manner. They should do their homework properly before going for the negotiation process. Terms of propagation Business negotiation is a complex task which requires lot of preparations and planning. Cross cultural business negotiations be even harder because of the high percentage of uncertainty and ambiguity in such(prenominal) negotiations. Most of the organizations will attempt the guidance of business consultants before actively participating in international business negotiations. I am working as an international business consultant and recently one of the biggest the Statesn firms approached me in order to seek my advice for expanding their business to the Chinese territory. My node was interested in joint venture business outline for entering into the Chinese territory. They already short listed few Chinese companies as their future partners and asked me to submit a report about how to negotiate with them. My client asked me to give more em phasize on the cultural aspects of international business negotiations since America and China have entirely different cultures. This report is prepared for my American client in order to make them aware of the role of culture in international business negotiations. Overview of the business office Both China and America have extremely diverse population. America is under a participatory regime whereas China is under an autocratic or communist regime. In other words, China and America are extremely different nations as far as politics culture, social setups, economy, legal frameworks, etc are concerned. Language, environment, social organizations, level of knowledge and authority possessed by the people, verbal and nonverbal communication means, secular conceptions etc are entirely different in these two countries. In my opinion, my client should have better ideas about all these things in order to conduct successful business negotiations with their Chinese counterparts. An intern ational negotiator should possess intelligence, creativity etc and he should have flexibility and diplomacy in his approaches. He should also possess skills such as problem solving, negotiations etc. He should also possess knowledge about different legal structures, governmental policies, possibilities of natural and manmade disasters. He should be hardworking and should do the

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