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The Illusive Race Question and Class Essay Example for Free

The Illusive Race Question and Class Essay Abraham Lincoln once said, â€Å"With malice toward none, with charity for all, with firmness in the right, as God gives us to see the right, let us strive on to finish the work we are in, to bind up the nation’s wounds (cited in Franklin 1993). † This sentiment has been expressed many times since the absolution of slavery in 1870. Yet with every step we take towards eradicating racism, we fail to see it encroach in an insidious and malicious manner. We have been led to think that this epidemic is about the color of a man’s skin. In the Illusive Race Question and class it states, â€Å" Racism resembles bacteria. It has the uncanny ability to resist Cures (Acuna, p. 4) . † First Steps Our first biggest step toward eradicating racism in this country was President Lincoln’s signing of the Emancipation Proclamation on January 1, 1863. Although the document had very little power to free slaves, it was considered an â€Å"Act of Justice. † It was a cry for America to wake up and understand that All men are created Equal. One hundred years later, Vice President Lyndon B. Johnson said, â€Å"Until justice is blind, until education is unaware of race, until opportunity is unconcerned with the color of men’s skins, emancipation will be a proclamation but not a fact cited in Franklin, 1993). † Mr. Johnson understood that racism came not just in the form of color, but of education, location, and social status. Earliest Forms of Indoctrination Parents are recognized as the earliest source of children being indoctrinated with racists views , classmates are second ( Savard Aragon, 1989). This study states that during our early gradeschool years each child has learned to do some stereotyping. They also recognize that cultural and institutional prejudices are more subtle, the roots being passed down through many generations. Reverse Racism Annuit Coeptis takes racism one step further by suggesting that in all of our attempts to restore balance and remove racism we have created reverse racism again the white man. He says it is not uncommon on a college campus to see Asian Students Associations, or Latin American Students Associations, but you will not see a White Students Association. The article states, â€Å"Questions of race on college applications can mean only one thing; for college admissions officers, race does matter. That race helps to determine an individuals acceptance to a college is not affirmative action, it is discrimination in action. (Robinson, 2009) † Racism in another form Although the Illusive Race Question Class is based primarily on how racism affects Latinos and their history of racism, I have found through the research of this paper, that every ethnicity can claim racism in some form or another. We have all at one time or another been type casted whether it was because of our ethnicity, the area in which we grew up, our family’s history or financial circumstances. I close with this, â€Å" My point is that we once believed that racism had been defined and that we were on our way to eradicate this ugly social disease only to find it active and well, but in another form. (Azuna, 2005) †

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Movie Response: Boys Don’t Cry Essay example -- Film Movie Boys Dont

Movie Response: Boys Don’t Cry   Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  First I just want to say that if I didn’t have to watch this movie for class, then it wouldn’t normally appeal for me to watch it. I didn’t have anything against this movie; I just personally do not like watching movies that have a negative vibe like it did at the end of this movie. I know that this movie was supposed to be based on the true story of Teena Brandon, however, after watching this movie, I looked up the true story and it turned out that the movie was really faithful to the actual real life events that occurred.   Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  At first, as I was watching the movie, I was confused as to why Teena wanted to dress up at as a man and be called Brandon. I thought that maybe she was just lesbian that didn’t like dressing like a girl and wanted more of the masculine look. But then I found out that she was just having issues with not feeling right being a woman. She felt that she was stuck inside the wrong body. That’s why she wanted to dress up as a man, and later on actually be able to get the operation that would make her a man physically.   Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Throughout the movie, I really wanted her to go back home and leave those people she met at the bar. Personally, I could tell that those people were not, â€Å"good people.† They seemed like they didn’t have their life straight. It seemed like Teena/Brandon wanted to leave, but for some reason, she decided to stay. I think it was mainly because she felt that she was accepted by them, mainly becau...

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London Jets

Questions for the London Jets Case Download the file LondonJets. xls, available on the course website. I. Perform RFM Analysis: (recency, frequency, monetary (total sales) analysis) as indicated on page 3 of the case; steps for RFM are given on page 8 of the case (I have provided one approach on page 3 of this document). Use pivot table with Frequency and Monetary value for rows and Recency for column. Data field should be Count of CustID. Important Note — The format for this table is shown on the next page; use this format for your RFM table. Please provide a brief interpretation for the RFM analysis – assume you are the consultant to London Jets; how would you explain what the numbers in the pivot table mean (keep the discussion brief; each and every entry need not be explained). II. Additional Analysis: Do two additional sets of analysis beyond RFM. As an example, you may want to analyze attendance patterns for Fan Club Members versus non-members to see if there is any merit in increasing the size of this club (this would count as one analysis). There are several different variables in the database, and as such there are lots of ways in which the data can be analyzed. Think about the issue London Jets is facing – how to increase attendance – and let this objective drive your analysis. For each additional analysis undertaken by your team, provide a rationale as to why should London Jets consider the customer segment you are analyzing. Please also be sure to briefly explain the outcome of your analysis (what did you learn for your analysis, and how London Jets can benefit from this analysis). What to submit? Please submit one hard copy of the report per team. List the last names of team members on the cover page in alphabetical order. Prepare your report in power point such that it could be presented to London Jets’ management (although your team will not be asked to present the report). Your report should end with a Conclusions page where you draw conclusions from all the analyses you have done, and recommended actions London Jets can take to increase attendance to its games based on your work. Please make sure that the report is contained within a maximum of 12 pages (slides) including the title and conclusions pages. Team work models I have seen two models of team work. The first and more commonly used model is where the team divides the workload and each member is responsible for completing their share of work. These disparate pieces are put together as a report. The obvious advantage of this approach is that the work is divided evenly among members. The drawback of this approach is that sloppy work by one or more team members adversely impacts the score of those who put in good work. Additionally, if someone in the team does not take the trouble to integrate the disparate pieces, the end result can be a report that appears disjoint (i. . made up of pieces that do not flow well together). The second, less common approach is where each member provides input on every aspect (question) of the case. Compared to the approach described above, the second approach certainly requires more time from each member. The advantage however is that often the best ideas (i. e. responses to case questions) make it into the report, resulting in a higher quality of sub mitted work. Important Note — This note applies for all cases done in this class. I cannot entertain questions such as â€Å"Professor, please take a look at what we have so far and let us know if we are on the right track†. Teams are expected to work on each case independently. Taking necessary decisions in situations where there is no clear consensus is a part of team learning process. [pic] Learn more about RFM here: http://searchcrm. techtarget. com/sDefinition/0,,sid11_gci751219,00. html Steps for creating RFM table for London Jets Step 0 — Start by creating a column with 3000 entries such that the first 600 entries are 5s, followed by 600 4s, 600 3s, 600 2s and 600 1s. With copy and paste, this takes  less than  2 minutes and I can gladly show you how. Here are the remaining steps for assigning RFM codes to the London Jets. Step 1 — Sort the entire data on recency of attendance so that customers that attended the games most recently will be on the top of the list. Add a new column to the data labeled R, where you copy and paste the column created in step 0. Step 2 — Sort the entire data, including recency codes assigned in step 1, on the basis of frequency of attendance such that customers with the highest frequency of attendance are at the top of the list. Add a new column to the data labeled F, where you copy and paste the column created in step 0. Step 3 — Sort the entire data, including recency codes assigned in step 1 and frequency codes assigned in step 2, on the basis of  monetary spending such that customers spending the most are at the top of the list. Add a new column to the data labeled M, where you assign first 1000 hundred customers a  M code of 5, the next 1000 a code of 4, and the last 1000 a code of 3. You are done assigning codes at the end of step 3, and are ready to create the RFM table.

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The Progressive Er An Era Of Conservationists - 1949 Words

The Progressive Era was a period of social activism and political reform that grew from the 1890s to the 1920s. Social reformers and journalists, like Jane Addams, Jacob Riis, and Ida Tarbell were some of the powerful voices for progressivism. â€Å"They concentrated on exposing the evils of corporate greed, combating fear of immigrants, and urging Americans to think hard about what democracy meant.† Many progressive reformers wanted to end corruption in the government, regulate business practices, address health hazards, and improve working conditions. It was also an era of conservationists. Conservationists are people who protect and preserve the environment and wildlife. Throughout the Progressive Era, there were many conservationists who wrote and described nature, but the most well-known figure in conservation was John Muir. John Muir worked to protect Earth’s beauty by traveling and exploring nature, co-founding the Sierra Club, and by influencing others through h is writings and by showing some of the most important people how the wildlife was magnificent. Muir was captivated by nature at an early age and he traveled to explore the environment. An early memory of a walk was with his grandfather. Muir heard a sound and â€Å"dug into the haystack until he uncovered a mother field mouse with half-dozen tiny babies clinging to her teats. In that moment the wondrous world of nature began to open for Johnnie Muir.† Ever since that walk with his grandfather, John Muir was